Freshman Paul's 22nd Birthday

It's all downhill from here little guy...


Obviously the floor is way more comfy than a bed

Ashley, Joe and Paul rockin

Paul and Me

Ashstar takin a shot of patron

Justin and Tarek

Paul wearing the most amazing shirt ever


Paul looks disapointed

Joe loves his shots

Paul tellin some chick whats up


So good looking...right

Ashley with a cat on her head

Genna and Max

Paul and Pat

Cap and Max

A picture of Ashley taking a picture of me

No clue what the fuck she is doing...pooping maybe?


DG Buds

Isn't it a little early for a heart to heart?


No clue

Genna and Max

Paul gettin tough

Kristen, Max and Genna

I know, I'm's ok

Always awesome...

So agressive...awesome

Paul gettin rough again...

Paul at level 10 again...

Scisor gang and red cup army represent

Party in the kitchen...and laundry room?

Phil looks like he is going to kill Tarek

Pat thinks he is awesome...don't know why though

Cap is lookin a little tipsy

Kristen is havin her own little rock concert

Kala is all about the patron

Sweet face

Very mature Genna

Where do I start w/ this one...

I don't think Marlee likes her drink

I feel like those aren't the faces that they think they are making

New drink...much better

Proving she doesn'thave +2's


Is it possble to just smile instead of making dumb faces?

At least this chick can...

Genna isn't really gettin any love back on this one...keep tryin

Sweet timing on the hair toss

A few too many shots?

Scisor gang, kissy face, and a red cup...token picture


How cute...I'm gonna go puke now

Me, Paul and some random chicks

Ashley tring to not look lost

I forget

Seriously, what the fuck is this chick wearing. She must not have a mirror

Beer pong...hooray

Longest game ever

I forget


Kitchen party

This could have been awesome

Stommen's gay hat? I have no clue

Hell ya, Captain and Diet...I'm in love, that's false

Paul and Ashley need a room

Bethany and Sara

Group shot...happy birthday Paul


Not fighting...

Stommen and Emma, how cute...vomit!

I have no clue what the fuck is going on?

Wasn't she making out w/ some other dude 20 minutes before this

Ashley havin her own little rock concert

That didn't last very long

Forget playing guitar...if you guys really want to be cool you should make out

This chick was fucking awesome...drinking out of Pyrex, stay classy girl

I think she has a little Captain in her

I'm in love...not really, only for probably about 30 mins

The level on concentration on her face is amazing

Paul drunk texting

How cute

That's a great idea Paul...fuck with the TV when you're hammered. What could go wrong?

There is no way he is paying attention to a single thing she is saying

Hell ya dude, pull that skirt up a lttle higher

Mr. Tough Nuts tryin to start shit

Well, atleast he found his shirt

I could have sworn her dress was see thru

Why is she so excited?

Cap tryin to watch the TV...apparently he's not impressed

Genna even turned around for a thoughtful

Good lookin out Cap...pull it up farther

Not so very sneaky...she caught u. Good job retard

Jesus, these are like the vidcaps for

I think you had it right before Cap...that looks like it could get tiresome

Cap looks like he is about to headbutt her...awesome

Ok...this is getting boring

White bra under a black shirt...way to think that one through Genna. On a side note, don't forget our discussion about getting +2's. and no, I'm still not going to pay for them

Genna and Cap about to peace out

Jason can hardly believe what he is hearing