Golfing on the Mall

After Two Hours the Cops Finally Made Us Leave


Ryan and I found this in the parking lot after getting home...random

Stuart, Chelsea, Greg and Borto at Ben's predrinkin before dead nigh

Mariah and Paul drinkin before we went out

Darryl enjoyin a radioactive long island

Me, Paul and Darryl

Paul, Darryl and some random dude

Kacey, Erinne and Kelly partyin it up

Ryan, absolutely shit faced at 9am

Oh ya, early morning drinking

70's pornstar!

Stanton tryin to wake everyone up to come play

Nothing but the finest when you start drinkin early

Apparently Greg is just irrestible

Gotta love the foam

No clue, Paul took this one

In honor of little 5, I had to rock the shirt so it atleast felt like I was there

Stanton strikin a pose

Apparently Ryan had to use 3 fingers the night before

Ryan had no clue where he was by this point

In fact, standing up was not even an option

70's porn star/pro golfer, nice combo

The only 5 people with balls that fuckin woke up to start drinking @ 6...pitiful

A beutiful day to start drinking and play golf

Posing for the camera

I swear thats not my real form

Aiming for the stairs of old main

Darryl finally shows up around 11...and was WAY behind on drinking

Stanton tryin to read the green on his approach to old main

He looks fairly confident

Makes solid contact but just couldn't quite get it there

Paul posing

Paul feels confident he can chip it in from across the street

Solid contact...

Paul actually hit the stairs from across the street

He must be on the PGA tour or somethin...

Stanton got a terrible lie on that one

Apparently he's chosen to make the best of it rather than take the penalty stroke

Ryan is standing on his own...this must be a work of God

Paul, Ryan and Darryl discussing their approach

Stanton missed the fairway and got caught in the sand trap

Considering doin a flop shot

I decided against it and am gonna go for the birdie instead of par

Going for par wasn't such a good idea

Definitly got 5million cactus needles in my ass....i think that is what hurt my game the most for the day

Ryan forgot we were playin golf and tried to play baseball

Stanton goin for par on the hole

Ryan fell down...again, no thanks to Paul

Stanton goin for par

He made par, but definitly lost his ball

Looking back on it, the fountain should have been a water hazard rather than a hole

Paul feels bad after nudging Ryan for the 10th time and decides to help him up

Wow, thats gonna hurt later

Holy shit, those damn sand traps really fucked Ryan up

I'm number 1

Paul says he got 3, Darryl thinks 4...I dont know who has better judgement at this point

About to tee off from the UofA stage

But instead I stop to pose

I got ahold of that one for sure

Stanton adjusting for his swing

Almost as good as mine

Mike almost fuckin tagged me in the head from like 75 yards bueno

Stanton looks like he lost his ball

Looks like he found it, or more likely someone else's

Paul and Stanton hittin at the same time

Stanton showin Alysha how to golf

Alysha makin a cameo

Tryin to hit the ball with Stanton's advice

Darryl has the bright idea to hit off the glass tiles at the ILC

And he definitly broke one of the tiles

Ryan realizes we're playin golf and actually managed to hit the ball

Paul pretty confident with his play after the cops told us to leave

Drunk munchies at Jimmy Johns

I still dont think Ryan knows where he is

Still hammered...

Stanton looks like a million bucks in that one

Mmm...a nice loaf of bread

What, big deal, your ankle?

Oh, my bad, sorry about your left ankle

Mariah shows up at the pool

Paul just got out of the pool

OH YA! That's a nice wet hug Mariah is all wet

Somebody else has those shoes and I really can't remember who it is

So Paul decides it would be a good idea to throw Mariah in the pool

Then he decides maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea

Even Aaron was hangin out at the pool

ODB comes out to say hello

Holy shit! Caito with $2 buck chuck

ODB chuggin some Bacardi

Darryl doesn't care what it is, he just wants alcohol

ODB hangin out on the other side

Not for long though...

Excellent form

Please tell me you're not goin to beer bong wine...

That is so gross

The girl in the background has a facial expression that says it all

Angry Darryl beat the shit out of what is left of the dummy then managed to throw