Golf Pro's and Tennis Ho's Party @ Ben's

I heart girls that wear polo shirts and tennis skirts


Me and Alysha

Coach's outfit for the fiesta

Jen, Drew and Jen's roommate

Dean and Coach

Beefcake and Josh all dressed up

Alysha, Beefcake, Josh and Jivich

Alysha lookin bangin

Paul and Big Mike holdin up Josipa

Rockstar Drew in concert

Drew, the Rastafarian and Josh

Dougie and Gallo

Marcus chillin up top @ Ben's

Millhouse and his boy

Scottie Eh, and Dougie

Alysha and Jivich munchin on the tab card Alysha won for best dressed girl

Heather, Alysha, Bridget, Chelsea, Monica and, hot GPhi's for sure

Alysha and Lucas

Alysha and Paulstar

Nice to see you too Dodds

Doddie and Josh

Paul, Morgan and Coach

J and Josh both blacked out @ Dirtbag's

Josh, John, J and Paul takin shots at the bar

Mike and Cristal

Alysha and Paul, I can't tell who is more fucked up

Think good thoughts Mike

Hey Look!

Me with Morgan and Cindy

Paul givin Alysha a courtest reach around

J and Paul at the bar...more shots

Elon in fine form as always

Drew puttin on an encore at Dirtbag's

JYD from Trident

Big Mike and Gabe

J and Beefcake...blacked out

Graham movin in on Lauren

Roberto workin the back bar

Drew partyin w/ Isaah Fox

ChiTown, Beefcake, Kiel, Carter and Graham

Me and Kiel throwin up gang signs

Gabe, Chitown, Beefcake and Doc C

Schnieder and Beefcake

J, it's cool, just leave quietly


Looks like Phil didn't have to work tonight

Yup, he's hammered

Mike wins

Dean looking for drunk girls to take home

ChiTown wasted

I love you Erich


It's cool dude, just let it slide

ChiTown pissing on Paul's car

ChiTown pissing on a bush

Me standin in the Budweiser display at the Tucson's cool, it's cool

Mike, Lucas, Beefcake, Josh, Paul and Paul chillin at the Tucson Open party

$120 fuckin dollar tab at Trident....fuckin bullshit