Halloween Night 2004


Kelly finding herself being drawn to ODB, the chick magnet

Group photo of the guys

Nice chach shot Jess, Lindsay and Nicki

Lindsay and Dodds

Lindsay is entranced by Dodds ass

Shapo gettin some lovin from JVH and Dodds, even though he doesn't have a costume

Fucking Awesome

Darrel rockin one of the best costumes of the year

Oh Snap! That's fuckin hot

If Lindsay keeps twirlling her hair I think I might be in love

Nicki, Lindsay, JVH and Claire...hottie roommates

Darrel and Paul

Nicki and Dodds

The white poweder around the nose, the lollipop and the school girl outfit were just too much, I had to propose

Paul and Mariah, so cute

Good thing Mariah was wearing her seat belt while drivin my car

JVH, Nicki and Paul

Budweiser girl and Nattie Man

Me and Carolyn, Naptown represent

Phil and some random

Casey, the sexual predator

Garret apparently dressed like a butt pirate for halloween

Claire and Syd

Another pic of Nattie Man and Bud girl

Paul is apparently a really, really, ridic good looking god

Eric as Slash, or one of the kids from South Park in the metrosexual episode

Hot shirt Fish

Nice clevage Borto

Lucas and Dodds

Lucas just can't seem to take his eyes off Dodds' ass

The chick magnet seems to be doin well

The Beer Wench

Random chick


Me and Melanie

Wow, kinda scary

Me, Krystal and Lauren

This dude was SO wierd

Mollie takin a picture of me

Kristel dressed up as a driver's wife...I'm guessing formula one wife

Me and Mollie

Casey and Kristel...how cute

Lauren and Krystal

Kristel and some random dude

Dodds and Mallory

Wow, ODB is wasted

Chick magnet back at work

1 chick and 2 dudes, I think the magnet is losing some of its power

Holly and some other random

Caito and Jimbo

Nattie Man

Me and Greg

Yosepa and some dude

Me and Yosepa

Susan, Randi, Lucas and Zuke, who is once again just way too cool to look at the camera

Oh yea?!

Susan and Megan


Me and Lindsay

Mallory, Dodds and JVH

Holly, random, ODB and Eric

Very realistic

Kief, JVh, Claire and Lindsay

Claire's huge boobs deserve their own picture

Yosepa and Lucas

Eric and Yosepa

Me and Claire

Lucas and Lindsay, and no he didn't pay me to take this

Is it just me, or is JVH's beer upside down?

That's goin in the spank bank for sure

Oh ya, bend over

Jamie and Borto

I swear, it's just the way the camera takes the picture...I think

Phil and some random

Phil and the random, again

Lauren, Zuke, Krystal and Phil

I found Waldo, but still haven't found Tinkerbell for Stanton

Susan, Randi, Dodds and Mallory, with an artistic blur

Oh how cute, I don't know why they didn't just go as Slater and Jessie. It would have been perfect.

ODB has no clue where he is, that's just plain stink eye

Unfortunately that isn't a costume

Some randoms, Zuke, Darrel, and Holly

Oh snap! It's Jesus

Jason, Nicki, JVH, Dodds, Claire and Lindsay

Eric after falling while doing a keg stand

Holly, Jimbo and a couple other people inside the closet with the cop

Carolyn licking Darrel's face...that's hot

Darrel flickin off the cop...who is inside the closet

Zuke, and Stanton in the car on the way home

Kelly and some random at Trident

Darrel hittin Zuke with his baton

I don't think Waldo even knows where he is right now