Halloween Night 2006

Possibly my new favorite holiday


I don't know what this guy was supposed to be, but everyone else did and thought it was awesome

Drunk already

Yes, hotties in the booth

Jack in the box round 2

We were so awesome, the girls were taking pictures of us

We thought this guy was so cool, looking back we have no idea what the fuck he was

Haha, this dude was fuckin a sheep...so awesome

My new favorite girls...for the moment


Darrel and some kid he was makin fun of

Amanda, our new favorite bar tender

Me and Beefcake...ya, we're awesome


YES!, new favorites

Me and Amanda...i'm an idiot

Randoms from the other night

Darrel rockin out in the booth

Pretty sweet costume, not gonna lie

Darrel still goin

This guy was so scared, I almost felt bad

Creepy dude

No clue

No clue again...

And it was at this point Darrel blacked out for the rest of the night

Smokin hot

Who is this guy?


No comment...but you can guess

Claudia...I think

Me and little one

Josipa and the bar manager after she convinced him to not kick Darrel out

Josipa and Claudia

This poor girl was doomed before she walked into the bar just because of her costume...I was WAY too mean to her for no reason

Darrel off havin his own little party in the corner

No clue

Pumpkin homo

Kitty kat!

It's all about makin new friends

WTF did I take this for

Playboy bunny and rainbow brite

I'd fuck Rainbow Brite


Randoms dancin on the bar

So that is what it would be like if you are Mike Lamb trying to text message

Darrel was havin way too much fun fuckin with this guy

Me and Adam

This guy's costume was awesome, but after 5 mins I would have said fuck that

Hottie and her homo boyfriend

This chick was FUCKED up

no clue

My new friend :)

no clue

What the fuck am I taking pictures of, honestly

Darrel, Tyrone Biggums, and Sponge Bob Square Pants...this really is a bad after school special

Darrel is in there somewhere

Paul Wall and one of the Changtas