Drinking Trip to Hermosa Beach

I should really start doing this more often...


Margarita-mobiles...if only

So I randomly walk out of the bar to use my phone, and who is standing outside...my little brother, so random, so fuckin awesome

Charlie gettin some lovin

Half of Charlie and Kelly

Cyncha tryin to explain somethin...

Hi Jason

Sexy Charlie...oh so sexy

Charlie tryin to pull a sneak attack with his tongue

Cyncha and Charlie

Kellbell and Jason

Smile kids!

No clue...nice hat Kelly

Kelly pretending to ignore Jason and stare out the window cause he just said something amazing

I've seen Cynthia's hair flyin around like that somewhere before...

Jason beyond trashed and looking sexy as ever

Someone looks a little cranky...I know what would cheer her up ;-)

Random wedding pictures

Cyncha taking her usual spot for getting ready

That's fucking hot...I win

Shenanigans in Charlie's car on the way to dinner

Kelly, Karen and Cynthia outside Charlie's house

Pregamin' before dinner...because we all needed more to drink at this point

And the boob comparison talk begins...awesome

Kelly's turn

Ya Kelly, squeeze them titties!

Cynthia absolutely amazed by something...I can just hear her saying 'oooooo' right now

Me and Cynch...what the fuck is up with my hair, seriously?

Jason, me and Charlie

And she wonders where Chloe gets it...

Karen's super sweet date and Robert

We seriously look like three retarded kids

Kelly, Jason, Robert and Me

Charlie gettin some love from Cynthia

Group pic that would have been even better with out "Super Bro" in the back

Cynch fuckin with her belt...just take it off

Me and Cynthia

The most wasted I have ever seen Kelly...ever

I think the glowing part is what I wanted a picture of...but seeing as I don't remember taking it, who knows

The absolute cutest kid ever eating an ice cream cone, in Kelly's words, 'Aww, look at the lil punkin head'

The expert cyclist...smoking a cigarette

The little kid after she licked the ice cream off the cone onto her dress

The chick in the blue's tits are obviously real...

Karen hangin out

This guy was actually having a professional photographer take pictures of his dog on the post...little weird

Cyncha and Kevin

Charlie applyin some chick shit...sexy

Karen tryin to help him out by wiping it off

Charlie is done tryin to do it, so he gave it back to Karen

...so that she could do it? and things just got weird

Now those are some tan lines

Hi Karen

Cyncha and her new rockstar glasses

J finally got to go shopping and get his new shorts...an hour before we left

Charlie and Cynch waitin for the check out chick

Cynthia doin an awesome Zoolander... ONE LOOK!?!?!?!?!

Cyncha relaxin on Charlie's floor, and stickin her tongue out at me...kinda sexy

Jason proving once again he is the biggest 5 year old alive