Homecoming 2005

If only drinking was a profession, then I'd have no trouble waking up at 8am everyday



Lindholm and his random halloween hotties


Me with the Oompa Loompas'

Mallory with Willy Wonka and one of the Oompa Loompas

Too good to be true


More total randoms

Sugar Daddy...sweet costume

And again...

Me with the not so fake cops...shit

It's cool guys, just get in the picture


Paul about to rip somethin down

No clue

And the award for the two gayest guys on Mill goes to...these two homos, congratulations guys

Mallory w/ the cop horses...they were real too

Darrel w/ the random glasses he stole

Mallory down for the count

Baller Bentley in my rents old Condo parking garage

Ya, it's that cool

Kum and Go...sounds like a store in Amsterdam

When was the last time you saw gas that fuckin cheap...gotta love Joplin, MO

Biggest McDonald's...stretches all the way across the freeway, don't you wish you could have driven cross country to see cool stuff like this

The continental divide...kinda cool I guess

And again...

Sweet, no flash

Poker game, weird

My hand print on Jon's back...I guess I was drunk already

Beall, Brendan, Sener and Foley

Very manly Sener, I know I'm impressed

Jon drivin Courtney around in his cart from Albertsons'...yes, that right, he rode it all the way home, fuckin sweet

Alysha and Tyson

Not so hot

Me and Lysh

Jon tryin to drive Courtney around the kitchen


Shalom is drunk

Courtney and Lysh

Beefcake and Shalom before the game @ Walters' house

Adam...is a homo

Oh neato!

Layton after he got kicked in the nuts...ha

Freshman Paul rememberin last semester one shot at a time

It's cool, just turn the grill on and reheat it



Me and Walter(s)

Drink chicks

Down it goes, and Paul may go with it

I think you got a little bit on your cheek Paul

Yes, Layton, it's me

Jon, Paul, Beefcake and Josh

Layton tryin to prove he is a hard ass

Adam sure does love that diet Dr. Pepper...wait motherfucker, that's fuckin mine

Layton pukin after poundin his bottle

Puke and Rally baby!

Shalom goin to take a piss

Lindholm shows up and Darrel jumps through his window and Josh jumps on his hood

Lindholm is gay

Pound that!

Cheesy motherfucker

Jeff tryin to hook up with the random neighbor

Jon reassuring Zach he is cool to drive, right before he ate shit out of the car

April looks confused, she must have lost her drink

See, she found her drink and look how much happier she is

Beefcake and Shredded, already wasted as usual

April and Paul drinkin on the mall

This just screams, "we're fuckin drunk"

Jeff and Adam

Why does everyone automatically pick on Jack

Deutch makin a cameo

Good talk Jeff

Hey Zuke, spell Artichoke

Beefcake the drunk fuckin monkey...with no shoes

Beefcake and the random football he confiscated

Jon, just drop to your feet and curl up in the fetal position, you might survive


Me and the Ho Squad

Playin with our new football

Me and Hadar

Gena, Josh and

Morning drinking is awesome

Adam and his g/f

Me and Doctor Carter

Paul, Josh, April and Jon

Mark, I have no clue and Paul

April gettin some love from Fogarty

Me and Vince, for the whole 30 seconds I saw him

Me and Tyler

Graham, Keil and Me

Josh and some random

Frye, Me and Eggert

Gangsta Beefcake

Eggert and Beefcake

April biting Darrel's finger...random

Jon and Courtney

Poor Courtney

Me and Seth

Andy, Me and Chitown

And again...

Oh boy Keil, you pimpin now

Keil, Beefcake and George

Suwen and Me

Me and Mikey

Albert, Me and Darius

Jon ballroom dancin with Alysha

Some random kid drinking through his shirt, so beefcake decided to pour beer all over him

Me and Sam

Mandy and Me

Jonnel usin me like a fuckin jungle gym

Lysh, Jonnel, Susan and Jivich

Me and Shapo

Doddie and her friend from home...I think

Doddie's Friend, Jivich and Dodds

Me and Dodds

Jivich and Dodds

Nice to see u too Randi

Hadar to cool to get off the phone for 2 seconds

Me, Hadar and Josh

Josh makin' out with Beall

Oh snap!

Kevin and Brendon

Foley showin off...sortof

Beall posing for everyone's viewing pleasure

Me and Stef

Jon rolling around on the ground in front of 2 cops and ODB loves every minute of it

ODB tryin to give everyone a sweet view of Lysh

Lysh, ChiTown and Big Dick

Lauren and Me

Big Dick, Jon, ODB and Alysha


Me and Gallo

Some kid that got his ass beat

Lysh tryin to help Jon's drunk ass inside

Jon has no clue where he is, and he is kinda freakin that chick out

Lysh tryin to help Jon up off the floor

I think it's a lost cause

Tyson gettin some lovin

Me tryin to lift Jon up

Jesus, drunk ass

I'm number 1!!!

Me draggin Jon away

Me and Danielle...yes, it was VERY sunny inside

Danielle and Lysh, apparently still very sunny

Josh passed out on the futon

Lysh and Beefcake at No Anchovies

Mike after Lysha poured ice water down his back

Cindy bins, me and Lysh


Beefcake havin another drink he didn't need, my bad

Beefcake, Lysh and Cindi

Cindy bins and her boyfriend

Me and Lysh

Later kids

Lysh and Sara

Lysha and a TPD car

I think it may have been that guy's car

Not mine?

I want one so bad!

The camera never lies....Jayme Tauber drinking a beer at 9am, AWESOME

Tyson's shitfield in the back, so gross

Josh ridin around on the electric cart