Homecoming 2006

Day Drinking on the Mall Should Have Been a Class


Josh, Lindholm, Spencer and Freshman Paul

Josh, Jayme and Freshman Paul

Ah, my little rockstar

Amy waving

Zoom out retard

So attractive

Josh and Jayme

Lindholm and his new chick

Josh and Jayme...again

Joe gettin his game face on

Paul is a little pissed off lookin for his flip flop

Beefcake wishin he was still sleeping

Joe waitin for a beer

Even Tyson had his drinking hat on

Word up bitches!

Obviously your flip flop might be in the candy bowl

Let's go

Very nice Darrel...it's gonna be a good day

Beefcake and Freshman Paul with their drinking hats on

Joe lookin for booze

Beast Light truck...rad

You were about to say something?

I love this chick, fuckin 9am and she is already passing out

Me and Danielle

Haha, the Marine Corps float, where is Mike?

Me and Stef

Darrel and Joe in their green homecomming shirts, awesome

Josh and Shalom

2060 reunion

Oh the places I could go with this one...we'll leave it at Gerrick, Baz and Me...

Me and Roman

How cute, me and Jivich, she didn't have to drink a 1/5th to talk to me this year

Ah yes, Drew


Shannon, Allison, Nicole and Jessica...lookin good ladies

I am awesome, enough said

Me and Holly

Me and Holly again

Where did Lucas come from?

Gabe and Amina, how cute

Zuke and his boy from home

Me and Catholic Kelly :)

Ya, my jeans are awesome

Me and Mike

Zack being a homo, Me and Rob

Mike, Casey, Danielle, Laura

Mike and Danielle

Mike and Angry Ryan

Mariah and Dante

My lovely GPhi's

Come on Kelly, I know you want to be in a picture

Much better, Bridget, Kelly, Brookie, Me and Chelsea...all my favorites

Me, Dante, and Mike...random


Me and Doddie

No clue


Ok, too close

Me and Brookle Tookle, ya I said it


Nice to see some things never change...awesome

Oh snap!

FOR SHAME! She won't even look into the camera

Yes Dodds, we know you're hot

Box and ?

Random rockin a hot little outfit...SLUT

Some girl usin Mike as a jungle gym...weird

Layton, Me, Mike and Dave

April, looking good as always

Zack, doing the only pose he knows

Mike and Jeff

Mike, Knudten and Me

Joe, Mike, Beefcake, Carter and Josh


So rad

Charmagne and Dick

Brooke is back

Me and Catholic Kelly...again

Me and Baldi

Mike and Freshman Paul

Mike, Paul, Darrel and Joe

Donnovan talkin to some randoms

Me and Lee

Barber double fistin...awesome

Me and Maria Quesadilla

"Take the fucking picture, she is really fucking biting me"

Oh god...

Mariah, Nevit and Me...tripple fisting

Scottie and Candice

Paul talkin shit to Jordy after he slapped the shit out of him

Still going

I love that a fuckin Rabbi came over to break this up

Tyler...being Tyler

Tyler, Paul, Mike and Craig

Mike smiling thinking of the ways to turn him into a fuckin pretzel

Hug it out, bitch!

This is never gonna end

Mike gettin bored

Scottie, Mike, Beefcake and Tyler

Why won't he leave Paul alone, honestly


Do it Mike

Poor fuckin kid, no clue

Blah blah blah

Paul declaring himself the winner

Then Jordy brings his homo friends over...this is retarded

Does the shit talking never end? honestly

Darrel, Dave, Me, Erich and Big Dick

Oh look, it's Erich, why not pick him up

Me and Chris

Mike and Sam, but the real treat is the Jew in the back that came over to break up the fight, if you look close, you can even see his horns

Mike and Sam, but the Jew was blocked

Group shot, we are fucking awesome

Will and Craig

Most people get braces in middle school, Will is so gangsta ge gets them in college

Me and Will


Whatau Bitches!

Who fuckin knows

PR and Mike

Weir and Epstein...I would expect nothing less

Me and Sener

Rob and Freeman

Sutton's face says it all

Weir's shorts are awesome

Spencer and Freeman

Holy shit! Weir talking to a girl

YAAA RIGHT! Weir doesn't like girls...get away

Haha, kidding?

Sutton and his girlfriend? I think

She won't let go so I hope it is

Jackie and Sutton

Beefcake and Sener

Foley looks so lost


YES! come here and smile...i can't believe that worked...girls are dumb

Pound it!

Brookie and Paul

Chelsea being sneaky?

I miss you too Chelsea

Chelsea, Me and Brooke

I am so awesome, it hurts


Chelsea with her modeling pose



Trish and Josh

Me and Josipa

Darrel being awesome

Trish is so awesome, I am licking her face and I don't think she even knows

Me and Trish

Trish has nice boobs

Throwin up the Sun Devil love with Charmagne...even though we are WAY better

I'm gonna guess Mike is saying, "help me?"


Me and Kristie

Mike and Donnovan

Mike is so rad

Bike cops are fags

Me and Shosh

Sweet plate

YES! inside Dirtbags

Gabe and Schnieder are kick ass

Everyone waving goodbye to me when I got kicked out, GAY

Homeless college student waiting to get into the game

So I decided to go to the game cause I couldn't go to Dirtbags

And it was awesome

Cause Kristin got me in :)

Tuba dance

random warmups

Fag cheerleaders

Rad facepaint guy

This guy is a homo

Kristin's friends

Fuck ya I got some sun

Argyle facepaint, kinda cool


Student section starting to clear

still gettin down there

And everyone is waiting for the game to be over

Almost time to rush the mirror

Me and Kristin

Everyone on the field

Me and Kristin...again

So many cops

More cops

Ya, I totally cut my hand stealing a rose from the UofA rose garden, I'm awesome

Kristin and Morgan

Me and SteveO

Amy and Jayme conveniently having dinner, at the table right behind me...thanks for the faces Amy

Kris, Seth, Jack and Me

Awesome, my forehead matches my shirt....i'm awesome

Nerds are hot

Sweet tongue

Bryant hangin out, so random

Kristin and Tiffany

So awesome, not allowed into the Shanty because she had a jersey on...awesome

Sweet kazoo

I know, my glasses are rad, you're jealous

I forget, this chick was awesome though, she was all about boozin



Little red riding hood has her drinking hat on...cause she took a fucking nap

So my phone died and I needed her number

Ya girl, point it out

Amy was the only one drinking by the time I got back home...lame

Paul, without his drinking hat on

Mike, seemingly about to kill me

Tyson gettin some love from Freshman Paul

Reflection, awesome

Amy lookin like a Coors Light girl promoting

Yes, Amy is definitely gettin drunk

Amy with her infamous drinking hat, so awesome

Jessica and Sutton

Look at me, I'm kick ass

Mike about to beat Rob for playin grab ass

Friends again

Freshman Paul in deep, deep thought....at the bar

Jessica tryin to look cute so we'll let her sit with us

It's not gonna work

Wow, too many shots

That's right bitch, we're wayyy too cool to let you sit with us

Saturday night, Trident is empty, weird

Josh and Jessica

Josh and some dude who knew Sutton and I but neither of us had any clue who he is

Foley bein fuckin kick ass

Random bouncer guy

Jessica tryin to be hard

I'm gonna leave this one alone...

No clue

Rob about to rip Jessica's head off

I win!

Amy not wantin to be in a picture

Frustrated...as usual

Berger being awesome

Tyler passed out on the couch

We brought him a burrito and couldn't get it under his pillow like the burrito ferry is supposed to so we just left it on his chest...good enough