Rockstarin' It Up in January 2007

Holly and Ariel Visit, Day Drinking With Kayla, PCL With Fowler and Autumn and Random Nights Out With the Girls


Kayla bein way too cool for pictures

Me and Josipa

Probably shouldn't have been taking this

No Comment

Ya, we're awesome

One more

Random hottie from Cherries

What can I say, I love girl's on poles

Me and little one

No clue

Gangsta Josipa

Josipa and some random

Me and a random

Our waitress...I think

Another random

Josipa hangin out


Someone should have cut me off

Such a bad idea

Jen enjoyin some Margaritas

Me and Courtney

Sophie, Me and Courtney

Me and Sophie

Fowler not lookin so psyched for her next Margarita

Sophie, Me and Courtney

Sophie and Courtney


Me and Courtney...i'm a retard

So cute...fuck!



Fowler kickin it on the couch

No clue

Sweet shot of the Zuma

Me and Holly

Holly rockstarin' it up

Me and the Budweiser promo chick

And again

Fowler and the roomies

And again...


Don't remember

Someone's ass

Beefcake carryin Jen

Who does that...oh ya, drunk kids

No clue

Fowler makin new friends

I forget who these people are

Apparently they're dating though



Me and another random


Beefcake passed out in Fowler's bed

Kayla on the phone avoiding shots

Blacked out...literally

Mwah! =)

The tip tower Kayla tried to build

Right back at ya Princess

You know how I know you're drunk...

I win :)


Don't flick off the guy makin shots cause u want one faster.

The ultimate destroyed tower

Kayla, Katelyn and Me

10 shots of tequila later...

Well if you are gonna make it that easy.....

Look I dissapeared

Love you too Princess

Kayla and Me back out at Salty after her "nap"

Autumn and Jen

Weak sauce...enough said

Chicks making it bad if I think this is getting old?

Autumn and Me

And again

Autumn and Fowler

None of that tonight ladies...


I know, I'm awesome

Autumn and Fowler rockin out

Shake that ass girl

Me and Autumn

No clue

Apparently it was 80's night?

Autumn, Fowler and Me


Ya, we all know you're ditzy

Her eyes are wide open and mine are half shut...what does that tell you though

Red tongue, what kind of drugs give you that...I want some!

Only you Paul...only you

Michelle, Darrel, and Kayla

Me and Kayla...I win

Kayla and Michelle

Worst excuse for a kissy face EVER!

Charmagne and Big Dick

Kayla and Michelle

Random shot

Fuck, I'm awesome

Michelle is so lost

Zuke and Beefcake

Me and Zuke

Me and Holly...and Spencer in the back, obviously on his tippy toes

Oh god...Please, pose for us some more

Francesca and Josh

Big Dick and Charmagne

Dick, you motorboatin sonofabitch!

Josh and Gay Rob

Josh and Gay Rob....again

Me and Charmagne

Holly rockin out

"HAHA, I'M SO FUNNY"...ya, Holly, ok

Zuke starin off into usual


Zuke, Dave, Michelle, Me, Beefcake and Richard

Michelle dancin for me

Reverse piggy back ride

Charmagne is so wastd she thinks she is actually givin Dick a kiss

Michelle's new favorite kind

Michelle's back tats....kinda hot

Josh...dancing, I think

Josh dancin with a random

Gay Rob

Charmagne and Big Dick

Mike....stop glaring

Paul leering at some random chick Jeff hooked up

Random dude givin death looks looks to Paul....for good reason probably

Michelle, with Big Dick and Charmagne makin a cameo in the back

Beefcake throwin it up

Look at the sea of gay

Big Dick caught in headlights

Random shot

Josh breakin it down with some random

Josh throwin Jayme aside in favor of some random

Until he realized she is the girl for cute, and by cute I mean gay

Group shot

Smile bitches

Michelle, Zuke, Me, Mike, and Big Dick

Hi Charmagne

Me, Beefcake, Mike and Paul

Same thing but not

Ok, this whole spilled drink thing is getting old

Josh livin out a fantasy...but with his clothes on

My favorite

Dave has no idea where he is

Ya girl....keep pullin

Me and Knudten

Cute, and by cute I mean gross

Work it girl

Worst model pose EVER!

Me and my favorite cocktail chick =)

I would explain why she made this face but the person would get mad

Sweet hood

Jeff and his random

Ya, I'm awesome

aJeff and Francesca

Jeff, Paul and Jeff's random

Holly and me

Jeff checkin his chick's ass out...awesome!

No clue

Holly and me...again

So funny for all the wrong reasons...

Beefcake and Dave

I probably should have just put the bottle down at that point

My PCL favorites

I am WAY too excited to see Eggert

He can sure pound that bottle though

Beefcake, Eggert and Paul

Randoms next to us

No clue

Darrel wandering around Albertson's...which is only the beginning

Darrel takin a nap in the Bud display

Oh ya, he totally passed out

Darrel pissed at me cause the camera flash was too bright..

Darrel after he rolled over cause the light was too bright

So the Bud display wasn't good enough and Beefcake decided to take a nap in the meat cooler...this is probably one of the best pictures I've taken

Darrel after he got out of the car and asked me, 'Dude, have my shoes been on the wrong feet all night?'

Me and Holly

Paul passed out in Beefcake's bed after we got home...and it just got weird

Oh snap! is that Jackie with Kirk?!?!?! Holy shit, it is!!!!

Cross eyed Kayla, Josipa and Michelle

An awkward 3some for Josipa

If only I liked girls with an ass,,,oh well, I'll live

Me and the girls

And again

Kayla, me and Josipa

And again cause Kayla the hottest, yet most non-photogenic person EVER!

Michelle, Me, and Josipa

And it begins...

Josipa makin out w/ Michelle's tits

Josipa and Michelle goin at it...weird

Josipa and her water. I don't know why she bothers ordering it, it's not like she is gonna drink it

Kayla and Josipa

And you wonder why I love girls with "perfect" tits, =)

Group shot!

If you couldn't tell, I SOOO do not want to take this, but I will because it's Patron and cause of Kayla

Kayla gi

Little one, you know that doesn't work on me

But keep doin that...I do like that

Love you little one :)

Kayla and Josipa....both wasted if you couldn't tell

Kayla and Josipa goin at it...that's hot

No comment

Neat, after the last picture, don't care

Jackie and I forget

Me and Kirk

Kirk's boy big pimpin

This is why....

...I call him Pimp Tight

Or maybe I should just call her...

...nevermind, that's just being mean

Michelle rockin Josipa's jacket

Me, Mike and Amanda

Hooray for carbombs

STEVE-O!! and his girlfriend

Zuke mean muggin

SteveO and his girlfriend again...i would put her name in but I totally forget

Big Dick and Charmagne...sort of

Me and SteveO

Me and Zuke

Big Dick and Charmagne

Me and Mike

Peeps breakin it down and Rula Bula....that is a total oxymoron

Zuke and Dick

Big Dick doens't know what to do without Charmagne at his side

Random airport ride

Haha...if you can see them it's funny

Right before they almost beat my ass for drawing attention

EVERYONE!!! Look how awesome I'm not....fuck, I suck so bad. Oh well. I still have 7 lives left ;)

Ya, that's what my head did to the windshield. You would think after last year I would try and avoid getting a severe concussion :(

Me, Josipa and Steph

Josipa and Stehanie

Me and Little One

Mike and Ariel

Paul and Dave

Mike lovin the closeups, Josipa, and Beefcake

Yager and Dave

Paul, the Will Farrel twin and beefcake

Westphall, random and Dflip

Dave and Mike

I don't know how else to put gay into picture format

I don't know what the bet was, but I am assuming this guy lost

Brooke and Dave

Me and Brooke

Will Farrel....but not

Me and the random dude

He even had the boxer shorts!

Will and Paul

Dave (insert any number of jokes here, but i'm gonna be nice) and Brooke

Me and Stephanie

DFlip and Shosh!

Paul doin the "Ball" dance...I could do so many things with this but I'm gonna leave it alone

Beefcake and Tyson both crashin out on the couch

Kayla all dressed up to go out for no reason....kinda hot

Kayla's back....don't ask

Paul's sweet shoes

Me and my girls :)

Kayla and Me from behind...random

Just like prom....but all

Birthday girl and Josipa

Is it really necessary for you guys to show off?

The professionals showin everyone else how it's done

This picture had such potential

Love you too Princess. Mwah! =)

Paul being escourted out of Cherries....I know, big surprise

Only Little One could make this hot

Little One, Me and Kayla

Lucas totally has a bon

Dan tryin to be awesome

Josipa, Stephanie, and Kayla

Ya, I know, I'm awesome

Guess who isn't driving home?

Me and the girls

Gotta love it from the back

Random bum sleeping in the post office on Mill