Jason's Birthday Weekend Fiesta

Rockstars wish they could party like us...


Mike is happy to see Darrel...perhaps a little too happy

Val, Jason, Paul and Josh

Kelly, Cyncha and Erika

Mike and Mike

Jason bozzin it up @ Dirty Pretty

Mike, Jason and Kelly

Mike is fucked up

Kelly's ass

Janet, Me and Jen

Mike, Jen, Kelly...and Paul

Not a single person is paying attention

Mike and Jen

Big Mike

Fowler about to grab some random's ass

Me and Janet

Mike tryin to lean over and hear what Kelly is sayin

Jason startin to look a little fucked up

Big Mike and Paul

Cyncha and Mike

Cyncha and Darrel

Val, Josh, Jason and Kelly

Jason givin Kelly the, 'Bitch stole my fish' look

Mike and Mike...trashed

Val and Josh

Beefcake and Jason

So trashed

Jason and Mike

Me and Shannon

Fowler givin me some love


Darrel's hair gettin in the way of the pic

Kelly rockstarin it up @ the bar

Shannon's ass...sexy

Shannon tryin to steal Francesca's kissy face...keep workin on that one

Fowler and Janet

Janet and Paul with his creapy smile

Me and Fowler

Janet takin some self portraits

Me and Janet

Janet apparently now is in her own little photoshoot

Kinda hot

Kelly and Fowler


Kelly, Fowler and Janet

Kelly and Jen

Ok, i'm gettin bored of these

Paul lookin like a deer caught in headlights

Some random talkin to Jason

Where's your gold chain?

Josh and Val

Oh come on Matt, u know u love me

Matt's magic lamp



Don't try and act like u don't love me

Me and Durkee

Victoria and Shannon...our favorites

All sorts of awesomness right there


Nice try

Me and Matt

Me and Sam

Words can't even explain...

Jason passed out

Kelly takin a nap in the back

Doritos are awesome

Santa Monica


Ok...last one

Cyncha getting ready while sitting in the sink...so hot

Cyncha, Me, Jason, Beefcake and Kelly

After the lady took this picture, she told us to move more to the right because we were off center...she was the one holding the camera

Jason, Beefcake and Me

Jason, Beefcake, Me and the retard who tried to take our picture

Kelly and Cyncha prowlin' around the bar

Kelly and Cyncha

Kelly and Jason @ Mexican Mountain

Jason and Darrel tryin to not pass out while we wait in line w/ our not so fast pass

While this is an extremely attractive picture of Kelly...please not the sexy man behind her

So awesome

Yes, that really is a guy without his shirt on trying clothes on inside the store

Jason and Me @ Blowfish

The most difficult sake bomb order ever thanks to our retarded waiter

Kelly and Jason

Jeff flexin the shit out of the door

Cynthia kickin it in the limo

Beefcake, Jason and Kelly

Happy Birthday Jason!

Kelly and Jason

Me and Cyncha

At first glance this would be just a bad picture...but notice the I don't even know what word to use here looking girl in the background

Thanks for cutting my head of Cyncha

Jason, Kelly, Me and Darrel

Cynthia and Jason

Random passed out @ our table