Rockstar Anniversary Weekend w/ Kayla

oh ya, Jenny and Phillips Wedding in Indianapolis too...I'll take full credit for that one


Kayla on the phone...and in a super pissy mood

Hooray booze!

Keep trying, not all of us can have dimples as cute as mine

Nap time

All smiles

Welcome to Indianapolis...Steak and Shake and Nattie Light, home sweet home

Monument Circle X-Mas tree

Much better...

Mi HAT!!!

Maybe I should get two?

Kayla riding down the railing at the Arts Garden

Ninja Kayla walkin around Circle Center

Sicky guns...

Kayla and Jake...apparently Kayla didn't want Michelle in the picture?

Kayla, Jake and Michelle @ Broad Ripple Tavern

Where did Casey come from?

Casey, me, Michelle and Jake

Casey, Kayla, Me and Michelle

Only people at the wedding I knew...awesome

Me and Kayla

Random chicks from Texas...the one on the left is the only hot one

Jake and his gay pose

No cash...

Feldman, me and random

Such a stud

Kayla in front of PT...might as well go while I'm hammered

It's like prom...except the exact opposite

Who knows

Kayla is confused cause it is horizontal

What the fuck...honestly

If only I still had that master key and codes


Ok, enough

Back to the room

View from the room

Kayla making sure I see the tree...just in case

Ok, enough gay shit

8:45am after buying booze because apparently no place downtown believes in serving booze at breakfast...LAME

Kayla is awesome

9am drinking session in the bathroom trying to get the Champagne cold


Yes please!

Oh boy!


Kayla all but begging to have some fun

Me and Kayla before the wedding

Some homo parade or something

I'm kidding, no clue what it was

It's fucking snowing! LAME!

Me and Kayla w/ the camera on delay on top of Jake's car

Ok, way too gay, and way too Prom

Michelle and Kayla...they almost match

Lame wedding shots


Cool church though

Don't do it!

Last chance dude...

Cute little flower girls

Oh snap! Here she comes

They both look happy as can be

Can't back out now

Exchanging the vows...little late to run but you still can

Just kidding. Congratulations guys. When I die I'll know I did at least 1 thing right :)

Michelle and Kayla outside the church

Jake doesn't look Mexican to me?

Just for you Darrel...sorry it's not a tall boy

Jenny on the ground...still taking pictures

Jake and Michelle @ the reception

1st dance...bad quality, fuck off

Take it off!

Michelle, me and Kayla

Me and Kayla

Ya, I know I'm awesome

But not nearly as awesome as those titties!

Jake...puttin out the vibe

Michelle hangin out

So cute

Jake and Kayla

Me and Jake

It was all downhill from here

Me and the lovely bride

One more

Me and Phillip...ya, you owe me big time dude

Kayla and Jenny's dad....the story behind this is even better than the picture

Most amazing seats ever for the Colts vs. Jags game on sunday

Probably one of the few things I miss

48 yard line, 13 rows up...I know, I'm awesome

Random shot

Fuckin camera guy...he's got a sweet ass though

Ok, you can fuckin move now

Peyton is awesome

Random action

Extreme action

More randoms

And some more...

Ok, these are getting old

Me and Kayla @ the game...hungover as shit

Go Horse!

RCA Dome view


Backed out view

Ok, last one

Kayla's abs hurt so bad she didn't want to sit up to drink her strawberry shake...BEST WEEKEND EVER!