KKG Date Dash

...and pics from Paul's b'day


Mariah tryin to give Paul a kiss but she can't seem to find him

Wow, Darrel definitely wins best costume
Kelly and Adam prepartyin

Julia, Nevits, and Sarah

Tracy and Lesbo


Nevits, Sarah, Tracy and some dude

Well atleast Paul and Darrel looked up for the picture

You would think that for the 2nd one more people would have paid attention

Lesbo gettin hammered

Darrel is already tryin to figure out what the shit Paul is sayin

Kelly and Paul

Sarah and Adam

Darrel and Sarah

Looks like the booze is startin to kick in

Darrel rockin his cute lil beanie

What's with the arial shots, honestly?
Wow, all he is missin is the gun
It's ALMOST my berfdae

Drunken stumble over to Kappa

Mariah, Paul, Darrel and Sarah

Hot group shot

Maybe Paul should put his tongue back in his mouth

Ater prepartyin it apparently takes 3 people to try and get the camera to work

Some guy pissin on the side of Kappa

Lesbo is already housed and we haven't even gotten on the bus yet

Lesbo, Julia and Kelly

Kelly and I outside Kappa

Randoms on the bus

3some in the seat, awesome

Darrel has no clue what's goin on

Kelly, Tracy, Julia and Lesbo in front of some big ass plane

Me and Kelly

Bret and Kevin

Mariah and Darrel

Paul tryin to dance

Fliesh and Me takin long island shots...I didn't even know there was such a thing?

Me and Kevin

Paul, Adam and I forgot the other guy's name, shit

Darrel looks like he sobered up and Paul is already rockin the berfdae smile

Looks like Mariah decided enough of the camo paint had come off Paul to give him a kiss

Mariah, so hot right now

No clue who these people are

These people either

Darrel and I

Me and Hardy, and what the fuck am I so happy about

Hardy and...his date?

Darrel and Adam both wasted at this point

Me and Hardy

Me and Fleish...again

I don't know how I convinced either one of them to take this picture...but I WIN!

Nevits, Sarah and Mariah

Nice aim on the kiss guys

That's hot

And it looks like it's Paul berfdae...finally

Wow, definitely the most fucked up I have seen someone in a while...awesome

Adam dancin around in the middle of the room

What the shit am I doing

Adam and Sarah

Me, Jamie and some dude

Very sexy

Adam looks like he just woke up

It almost looks like Mariah is waiting for Paul to head butt her

Get some Adam

I stole Darrel's hat, ha ha, I win

Who the hell is that?

I'm going to leave this one to the imagination

Lindsay and her date, i think

Random bus shot

Ok, ok, let's go, time to get off the bus

Kirk and his date

Me and Kelly out front of Dirtbags

Tom, Julia and Kelly waitin in line at Dirtbags

Darrel and Big Mike, the guy who actually wears that shit

Oh Snap!

Keith and some random

Holy shit! Me and Sliver in the Wendy's drive thru line before the cops came

The picture i took while lying on my back after Darrel sat my ass down so I would quit trying to touch the cop

The picture of Me and Darrel that the cop took after Darrel convinced him not to arrest me

Cindybins, ODB and some other random outside the house when I finally got home @ 4am

Chitown riding the beach cruiser around the parking lot in the rain at 4am

Paul rockin his berfdae hat

It's my berfdae, I do what I want!

Paul and the black midget we found at the Moon

Looks like Paul found a new "companion"

Paul tryin to get up close and personal with the homo gettin his boots shined

Paul and some cocktail chick who had the same hat he did

What the fuck are they lookin at

Paul and Big Mike outfront of Trident

Laura and two randoms

Me at 6am before we tried to go play golf

Chitown after he finally came back witht he duck tape

The group we got together for golf on the mall...that never happened

Instead of golf we went to the UofA vs. ASU soccer game...not my 1st choice but whatever

Ryan finishing the rest of his god awful concoction of tequila, everclear and coke

Clarky hammerd at the game

What the fuck was I wearing?

Was it really necessary to take 2 pictures of this?

Chitown playing on what he thought was a mound of dirt, that turned out to be a pile of cow shit...awesome

Chitown on his ass after he fell commin down off the pile of shit
He doesn't even know what to do at this point
Clark had to help Ryan up

And that is the thanks the dirty ass kid gives him...what an asshole