Kappa Sig X-mas Party

And Carter's 22nd B'day


Tyson tryin to ride the Miller Lite waverunner

Stanton, Paul and Carter @ RA for Sake bomb's after dinner

Chitown, Carter, ODB, Big Dick and Zuke

Lucas and the 40 year old that wanted to take him home from RA

Carter and Zuke

Dodds and Mandy @ Yuki's

Jonell and Randi

Randi and Syd

Me and Mandy about to drop 'em in

Dodds pretending to be wasted

Wow, don't remember how that happened but awesome

Gotta love the thong shots


Me and Jess @ Trident

Me and Tyler

Me and Remmi

With that sweater on, there is no reason Dodds won't hook up with Darrel

Big Dick thinkin the same thing as everyone else, "What is this shit"

Lindsay is cut off....ya right

Jessica rockin my scarf and her Tiara

Kief havin a great time

Coolest hat ever

It is amazing that this picture even came out at all

See what happens when you wear Christmas sweaters...bitches love you

Hey Claire, lean back a little more

Because Beefcake needed to drink more booze

I love the power of booze

Darrel's Christmas sweater, bad ass, but mine is better

Syd, Nicki, Lindsay and Claire

Sigma Kappa sophomores

Me and Carter

Darrel extending his Papal blessing upon us

Beefcake givin Carter a courtesy reach around with his leg

And in return Carter gives him a piggy back ride, somehow I think Darrel came out on top in this one

Leah makin an appearance

Megan, April, Syd and Lucas

Lindsay and her not so lil sis