Kelly's Birthday Weekend in New York

Yet another weekend drinking trip, at least this time we had a real reason to celebrate...because that obviously matters


Best kind of rental store...

Just like the club in Rocky Point... all breast baby!

Sweet little engagement ring

Jason havin way too much fun in the limo

That beer makes Kelly's boobs look huge...oh wait

I feel like I should pull my cell phone out and look important too

Katherine @ dinner

My pizza place

Sweet umbrella

Don't look so excited guys

Jason fingerin his hole

Smack that ass J

Kelly needed a booster seat to talk to the driver

Kelly's thong...nice J

The same one as in France...but not

Rain is lame

Kelly and Katherine

Kelly and Jason

Kelly, Katherine, and J

Kelly blocking the view of the hot bartender

Don't have so much fun...I blame Katherine

Katherine gettin down with the BIG girls

The shot chick @ some random place

Suck it down girl

Katherine giving the evil glare

Me in Times square...lame tourist shot, I know

Me with the randoms from Ireland

Happy couple...sort of

Forced smile? ...little bit

The only ones left awake @ 3:30

They come all the way from Ireland and the get a tshirt from Hooters...awesome

He thought he could out drink me...I win, again

I forget her name

Is this really happening?

Wannabe John Mayer and the Irish chick bust out in song

Dude tellin his chick to sing something

Random chick from Russia


Randoms we met at the bar

Run girl, RUN!

Shame or dissapointment? I can't tell

The "club promoters"

A weee little Irish lad

Random pic

Random pic again

Kelly with the firemen...weird

Sara, Katherine, and Kelly with the firemen...I still don't get it

I don't even know where to begin on Mr. Best In Show...

More randoms

Tranny selling dog outfits, so weird

The candle/firework that was on Kelly's cake

Do I blow it out or just let it go out?

Is it out yet?

Kelly on her b'day @ Lotus

Katherine thinks she is Lord of the Dance...all by herself


More random Lotus

What up Sabrina?

Random creepy Asian dude

Are you serious?

More random Lotus

Kelly's tits

Why does she look so happy sitting on J's lap?


Confusion all around

Sara looks scared...I would be too

This doesn't look good

Haha, she's gone

Jason, the biggest 12 year old ever, trying to look up Kelly's skirt

Katherine @ her own little rock concert


Me and Jason

Awesome door guy assigned to our table

Katherine made him dance, and by dance I mean stand there while she used him like a stripper pole

Shouldn't Kelly be getting the lap dance?

Jason loves boobies

Hi Jason

Jason tryin to take a drink

Few too many shots? Never!

Cab ride home for the night...sort of

Woah! Super drunk chicks

Falling down drunk is awesome

Yup...I'm gay. Fuck you Darrel

Katherine trying to open the minibottle of Belvedere with her teeth...we obviously needed to clean out the mini-bar by this point and make Long Islands, oh well, I win

Times Square

The M&M billboard, Jason's favorite cause it was the brightest

It's a dance off!

I was being totally serious...

Katherine's Juicy diamond earrings...from Canal street. At 3:30am I should just go to sleep