Candee's B'day at Pattie's and Jason's B'day @ Valley Hlo

Talk about a rough weekend...


Seth and Missy...soon to be Mr. and Mrs.

Richard and Zuke
Candee is hammered already
Bochino and his polaroid...I didn't even know they still made film for those

Bochino, Candee, Seth, Me and Zuke partyin at Pattie's

Poor Candee...he's just a little guy

Yes, my phone is so awesome I have to use a wired ear piece to hear...LAME!

SteveO wasted enough to start doin the dance

Seth tryin to control him

SteveO takin a moment before pounding his drink...wuss

Rob and his chick...yes Rob, she's ok, we know

Seth and Missy

Candee already needs help drinkin from his glass

Me and Seth

Seth and Ms. Unhappy

Closest she ever comes to smiling

No clue what that is

Don't be mad

Come on, you know you want to smile...

Ok, or not


Random chicks all dressed up

CEO's and Business ho' original

I forget

Smile fuckers

Smile Missy :)


Ok, no more Debbie Downer

Candee and Rob

SteveO hangin in there

Rob and his chick

She's tryin to do the SteveO dance

No clue

Jason impressing the girls

Obviously everyone should bust out their camera phone

Jason hangin out

Mrs. Nemo showin the water bottle who's boss

Nemo chillin

Jason on the phone...again

What's wrong Cynch?

Cyncha, Michelle and Katherine


Hillary and Kelly

Oh no...why are you hiding now?

Rev that engine a little more and maybe you'll get some chicks...false

Kelly, Cyncha and Josipa

Random on the bull...I think

Mark and his wife

Why does Nemo look so beyond excited?

Nice Darrel....

HEY LOOK! A squirrel

The Jasons

Jason, Josipa and Nemo

Don't look so happy Jason

Nemo gettin a little frisky

A little farther

Hillary had a great time

Jason, Jason, Hillary, Kelly and Val

Val and Michelle


That's it girls, push them together

Now make out....or not

Woah, wasn't ready

Me, Jason, Beefcake and Nemo

Jason w/ the girls...weird

BOOO! Move your hands

Mrs. Nemo tryin to finger Kelly

I'm totally serious....

She wasn't lettin it go

Cyncha and Michelle totally topless tryin to convince Darrel to wake up

Michelle, Jason, Kelly and the guy from Australia who got a free show

Darrel passed out

Tyson passed out