Weekend in Malibu

The store where I had to buy a replacement memory card

Something we saw drivin down the PCH

Some tight ass house overlooking the ocean

Escalade on 20's...one of the 500 we saw over the weekend

View of Pepperdine from the PCH

Me drivin down the PCH

View of Ocean

Hirsh kickin it shot gun

Random view of canyon

Another random canyon shot

View from hill we smoked on

Hirsh smokin on top of the hill

If I went to Pepperdine, I would never go to class

Random ocean shot

Me on top of hill overlookin ocean

Bums askin for money on Venice Beach

Random beach shot

Another random beach shot

Baywatch place on the beach

Welcome to Santa Monica

California street in California

Zona street in Cali

PUMA! store

Hirsh chillin at dinner

I'm wide awake, I swear

Allie takin a pic of herself

I have no idea...

What up Hirsh

Allie at dinner

Allie driving my car...yikes!

Me and Allie...mm mm mm

Tito's taco's, sooooo good

LA Skyline

Closeup of the Skyline

Why the hell are there some many god damn windmills???

Random shot

Random scenerey

random scenery 2

Miller Road