Labor Day 2007 in Hermosa Beach



Cyncha with her sweet hair

Sweet thong

Katherine and Cyncha @ the beer garden

Cyncha and Carly

Cyncha trying to rock the fo hawk

Jason pimpin it as usual

Cute little puppy pullin chicks...weird

Rent-a-Puppy would make millions

Look at the cute little guy

What is she pointing at?

Me and Cyncha


Even worse, but still got the fo hawk goin

Cyncha's token, "Do I have something in my teeth?"

Carly blowin bubbles

Ya, I know...fuck off

The ring pop Ryan gave Carly

And now he wants it back

Kell bell rockin a ring pop too

Kelly about to punch me in the face

Kelly dipping her ring pop in a Redbull Vodka...I would expect nothing less

Jason can't stop staring out the window

Mike can't fuckin believe it

Little dark...

The Hope Chapel tent...just in case u feel like repenting on the spot

Jason and Kelly hangin out

The crew chillin at our table we didn't move from for 4 hours

Carly still lickin her ring pop

Cyncha doin the seductive pose with her ring pop...I win

Lick it Cynch ;-)

Ok, there was a story behind this whole sequence but I don't remember

...and scene

Random beach pic

Lookin down the pier

The spot

Shadow puppets are cool

Me and Carly

Charlie joined the paper gang

Cynch and Charlie, both hammered drunk

Jenna havin her own little rock concert

Cynch is totally spacin out during Charlie's story

Jason and Kelly

Sweet outfit...a speedo and mardi gras beads

No clue

Charlie about to wake Cynch up from her nap and pull her off the seat

Cynch takin a nap

Oh so angry looking...

Haha, false

Hooray titties

Cynch givin Charlie some lovin

Cyncha and Jenna

Jenna, Charlie and Cyncha

Cyncha is in heaven...2 dudes

Darrel sportin Cyncha's rockstar shades

Why does it always happen that whenever we take a picture of us shaking hands on something, no one can ever remember what it was about?

Haha, I bet Jason said something funny cause Cynch looks pissed

Hammered drunk

Sweet hair

But wait, it gets better

Darrel sending me ESP messages telling me how gay I am


Startin to lose its hold

Blinded by the light

Strike a drunken pose...

I forget

Charlie and Kelly

Sleepy eye already

Sweet chandelier

My turn to make a masterpiece

Didn't work out so well

Sick ride dude

And I thought mine was bad....

Random hottie from Indiana I met

I wanna say there is a story behind this...but it's probably just a picture of Cynthia's ass

Hey Jason

Cynthia with her stolen drink she walked out of the bar with

Up the hill

Somethin was funny

Hi mike

I forget

Obviously a good idea to stand on the wall

Fun fun for everyone

"Can I use your lighter?"

Cyncha explaining the stars...

Kelly looks like the chick from The Ring...except hot

Yay titties

Ya Jason!

Cheryl complaining

These stairs are soooo hard

...and down she goes

I forget

Charlie putting oranges on Cyncha while she's passed out

Cyncha gettin mad...right before Charlie tucked her in w/ the random wooden Hyena

Kelly's titty tanline

Hooray for breakfast @ Cantina Real w/ Marco, the only waiter who will bring us pitchers of Mimosa's

Maybe Kelly should get a hat for the day?

At first glance this would appear to just be Jeff looking like a retard...

but it's actually of the Euro queer in the WAY too small bathing suit that everyone else is looking at

Gay doesn't even begin to describe that

Charlie singin along to Ez-E

Now he's bustin out the gang sings...awesome

Jason stumblin around

Mike and Jenna with Jeff lookin a little creepy in the background

Kelly is my hero

Jeff takin his new facebook picture

Scissor gang makin an appearance

Ok dude, pick one, either scissor or rock

Kelly finally feels tall

Hi Cynch....and the WAY scary tatted up guy behind you

Darrel lookin a little red....that is gonna fuckin hurt

Angry running man

Coolest cooler ever...awesome

Lick up that creamy goodness

Oh ya! get all of it off

Charlie and his tri-tip sandwich

50 cent is now advertising with planes over the beach

So red/brown

Beefcake tryin to fit into the smallest tshirt ever

Charlie became the official umbrella holder

Randoms makin out next to the wall

YA! everyone look how cool I am!

Darrel...the Super Mexican

Ohhh, how cute. I didn't know Jason wanted to be a princess when he grew up

Sunset from the crib

Time to get

Jeff biting off Jenna's tag....there was a movie of this actually happening but the pic will do

Come on Jenna, don't pass out yet...

Jeff and Jenna

She just flexed the shit out of Jeff

What's that? Ya, I know, I'm hot! Jeff wins again

Charlie and Jason wrestlin over $7...nice

Charlie and Jason

Kelly must have said somethin funny

Easy Cheetah....

Oooo...sooo angry

bad pic...lame

Charlie chillin

Jeff lookin like a retard

Charlie is lovin the vibrations from the subwoofer

Ok, new pose needed

Way to dress up

Katherine seems confused

No clue...too much zoom

Kelly and her drink

YAY! I love lap dances

Cute randoms

Well done Yule

Fuckin hammered drunk

Ok, I should have stopped drinking

Me and Knudten

Random dog

Looks like they ran out of cash to finish their house....but they've got their balcony and beach chairs

Too dark

Picture out of Jeff's car

Jeff still drunk for sure

Random house

A picture of Mike, because he wasn't in enough of them

Darrel rockin his bling

My $2 al you can drink Mimosa...awesome

Darrel and his pimp gear

Katherine chillin @ Malloy's

Union Cattle

Jessica Alba in the white pants and some douchebag

Sweet sky writing

Skytypers.lom? I don't get it

Sweet tree??

I'm gonna guess accidental picture

Jason and Kelly looking oh so happy

That's gotta sting

I forget

The end to an awesome as always weekend

Tyson and his giant nuts