Labor Day in Hermosa

Beach, Booze and um...that's about it


Free intelligence test...on the Hermosa pier, great idea

Ryan hangin out

Give me drugs, and i'll give you hugs

Hi Kelly!

Big Mike's cheesesteak's....HELL motherfuckin ya!

View from Ryan's favorite mexican place

The view from Ryan's balcony, no I'm not kidding

Lucky motherfucker

Down the street...

Ryan, Me, Jason and drunk Kelly on his balcony

With the sunsetting behind us

night time

day tiem

Ok, these are starting to get old

Ok, enough of Ryan's place

Kevin and his chick

Kelly and her new more booze for Kelly

No clue

The owner and some random bar tender

and again

Kelly, Sylvana, Charlie and Jason

Jason kickin it at the bar

Hi Ryan

Why bother being subtle at this point

The owner dude

I might as well get one picture of her face, now if only i knew who she was

The random and her friends

I must have said something right

Ya, I know, I'm fucking awesome...false, my back still hurts from falling all the way down the stairs

Postin up at Malloy's

I forget

Ross hangin out

Julie...or was it Jaimie?

Sweet shades

Ryan is number 1...twice

See, told you

Ryan pimpin it



Atleast Kelly was payin attention

I'm pretty sure there was somethin goin on behind them

Oh ya, the retarded long line to get into Sharkey's

Randoms in line

Holy shit! Look who actually showed up!

Me and L-Dub

Me and Lindsey...again, don't worry, this isn't the only one

Ya, i'm pulling her hair already


Lindsey and Jordi chuggin to play catch up

Scissor Gang bitches!

Here, let me help w/ my tiny ass napkin...good try Jordi

The expensive statue/art thing Lindsey almost knocked over


And so begins the Lindsey and Mike montage...just skip ahead about 10 pictures

Atleast we had one good one out of the weekend

Me trying to tell Jordi how to work the camera

She's still learning

Neither of us wanted this one

Ya, I'm licking her face...I should have just stayed home


We're both sober...keep in mind this is pregaming before going out

Somethin was funny

The whitest people ever throwin up gang signs

Stephanie Tanner

Not so flattering

Ok, we get the point

Just in case you didn't see the side pony tail, I decided to point it out

And Lindsey goes for another Coors light

Ya, she's putting girl shit on my face...i know, gay

Lindsey has a thing for Jordi

Lindsey, Kelly and Jordi


Kelly's boob...and Jason starin at her ass

Maybe next time Lindsey could wear tighter jeans and make it even harder to give her a piggy back ride

I should have just gone home

Lazy ass Lindsey

Ok, maybe this one isn't such a bad one of us either

Lindsey is startin to fade

As well as no longer paying attention

Kelly, J, Lindsey and Jordi

Jordi and Robert


Lindsey is in her own little world

No clue

Kelly looks confused

Jason and Jordi

Kelly's ass....random


Ok, that is kind of an evil look

My favorite imported rockstars

I don't even want to know why I took this

Lindsey's ass...maybe?

Dissapointing her booty calls at home and letting them know she can't make it


Robert, J, and Kelly

Lindsey, pointing to the guy right behind me, awesome

Jordi...laughin and something

Me and Jordi

Lindsey, you really need to work on your gang signs

No flash

SGM drunks

Yes...keep going...

Stop yelling at me, it was just a suggestion

Lindsey rockin out

I feel like this is a repeat face

Robert and J

Jordi, Kelly, Robert and J

They finally both threw up Scissor Gang

Lindsey at her own little rock concert

Her response to that last comment

Lindsey tryin to grind up on Kelly...girl on girl is cool

Jordi wanted a self shot

Jason is fucked up

Lindsey and Jason seem way more about it than Kelly...weird

Fuck off, I don't know, I was hammered

Me, Jason, Kelly and Robert

Rock on


Still rockin out by herself

Robert rockin the turkey head?

Me and Robert....with the turkey head

Random hot chick the hat belonged to

Woah...Jason and Kelly are fucked up

but not as fucked up as me

Possibly the gayest picture ever

Jordi and Lindsey...again

I'm jealous

Jason tryin to concentrate

Those are not my

Lindsey goes in for the kiss and gets denied


Lindsey tryin to look sober

Fuck...are we still at the same bar?

Lindsaey, Jordi and the random Texas girls

I know, thumbs up cause I'm awesome


Lindsey and Jordi

Lindsey....on the floor

Rolling around

Jordi now has the camera

Pretty sure Lindsey doesn't remember any of this

Extreme closeup

Easy cheetah

Ok, you're starting to get annoying

What am I? A fuckin jungle gym?

Haha, this is awesome

Until Lindsey stopped holding on

Wishful thinking


Ok, this is bad

And we're down

Hooray Jager

Lindsey seems perplexed

Wow...rockstars for sure

So sober

Haha, nevermind

Last gangsigns for the night

Steffanie Tanner is SGM

Good thing Lindsey has her toothbrush...I don't even know what that means

Jason in the fetal position after we went to bed at 5:30am

Big ass dog

Check out the dude's a Dee Schnieder wanna be...only more gay if that is even possible

Random art that was ridiculously expensive


Jason Kirk and Jason Kirk...I know, it's dark. You had to be there

Kelly hangin out at Sharkey's gettin drunk on Monday to delay the inevitable awful hangover we all had

Tried to get a pic of Kelly's client in the back

Thomas kickin it w/ us at Mediterano

He was diggin the silly putty shit

Me and Thomas....notice my bad ass motherfuckin shorts!

Jason fluppin him around

dude, don't drop him

Haha...Jason was tired of this 2 days ago

Kelly's awesome blister's she got takin one for the team

Sweet pedicure


Kelly and J....both still hammered, awesome

I forget

Contemplating calling in sick on Tuesday and staying another day

Boyd XY....I forget

There is no way that thing can get about 15 w/ those two on it

Sweet ride....

The 12 year old on the plane that I completely corrupted....I'm going to hell