Last Weekend in Washington DC

A Handle a Night for the Last 4 Nights


Shapo and I smiling before the game starts

So close, but Shapo only manages to pull off a rim job

Not even fuckin close

Shapo fuckin hammered after only ONE game of beer pong...pussy

Sober my ass

That's a drunk ass smile if I've ever seen one

YEA! for Bud Light


Me, some random chick, and the bathroom dude @ McFadden's

The bathroom dude at McFadden's rockin a baller visor

Coolest bartender in DC

Nick, his boy, Shapo and I doin shots at McFaddens

Ohhh....poor baby couldn't take the whole shot at once

Me and CJ

If you really want to know the story behind why I took this picture you are going to have to ask me

Shake that shit

That is fuckin hot

Nick, Me and Shapo doin MORE shots

Neither one of us remembers taking this and no ones seems to know who took the must have been a good night

Our cripple grocery cart and my crutches

Hi Jen

Next time Andy, turn the flash off you fuckin retard

Lisa and I

Round 2

Me, Lisa and Andy...high fives over the back?

Clinton and I...this dude is straight ballin

Clinton and Andy

Maureen and I infront of the fountain at the waterfront


Andy, Jen, Maureen and I

Not bad for 2 people working full time over 12 weeks

AA here we come

Andy and I infront of MUNSON hall

Andy and I infront of JBKO

I think this was a cop, I don't remember

Why is the stolen tap in the peanut butter?

Where am I

Deke and Jen....hahahha

Clinton, Andy, Jen and Deke

One last shot of how I spent my summer

Me teaching DFlip and Craig not to talk shit

Well tequila...nothing but the finest, NO

Me, Craig and Zuke

Hell ya, me, Steve-0 and Shredded takin royal flush shots

Ryan has no idea where he is, let alone what his name is


Laura, Lucas, Ginger and some other chick

Sweet fuckin hat

Lucas takin a piss

Shredded passed out on my couch

Dodds after spillin shit EVERYWHERE

The entire contents of Dodds drink in the chair

HAHA, laugh it off

Ok, not gonna lie, that's kinda hot

Mallory havin a little trouble standin up without help from the wall

Dodds and I

Beefcake and Dodds

Dodds rockin the Nascar blanket...Naptown represent

That is fuckin hot