Last Few Weeks of Freedom Before the

Remind me again why I graduated?


Kristen loves the whores too, now if only she could keep a straight face

Well, thats a little better

That has got to be the largest pearl necklace EVER!

Can you say, "Ironic"?

Marine Mike and Beefcake partyin it up WT style

What the fuck

That is a little gay...

Ok, thats REALLY gay

Apparently queer bait's boyfriend decided to show up

Mike trying to text msg some skank...not so easy when you're drunk though

Josipa doin what she does best

15 minutes later Mike is still tryin to finish his text message

Some fag from Texas who had to take his shirt off apparently to finish his drink

Cool as herpes...enough said

Mike, Beefcake, the cool kid from Texas and Me

Me and the gay kid

Beefcake and Arta

Beefcake drunk as shit on my couch

Annie and ODB out in the parking lot

Dave usin his camera...hey, it looks just like mine


If only Annie knew what she was in for

No, not me fucker

Oh snap! ODB lasso'd him a chick for the night...good job Ben

Beefcake walkin around the parking lot hammered

Darrel wants to try his hand at roping a skank for the night

Let me know how that works out for you

Way to pay attention kids

Jayme and Josh with a half smile

Jayme and cute

Jayme, Josh and Hadar

Hadar, Nancy, and Jayme

Fosse, Jayme and Nancy

Plow and some other guy

Michelle and Katie partyin @ The Red Garter

I forget who these people are

Katie and Michelle...wasted

I totally forget who this is

Shots all around...thanks Plow

Wow, that's hot

Me and Beefcake...we're drunk

Beefcake and Mike

Kelly, Jayme, Nancy, Amy and Susan @ Jayme's graduation party

Josh passed out next to my car infront of Jayme's house

Gotta love high school kids who think it's cool to spray paint their car

Kelly, Susan and Kristel

Drunk Josh w/ the bouncer

Amy and Jayme

Jayme and Kelly...a little blurry

Kelly and Kristel

Me and Susan

Kelly, Kristel, Molly and Susan...kissing, kind of

Kelly, Kristel, Molly and shot

Me and Kristel

Me and wide

Me and Kelly...why are the pictures suddenly yellow?

Me and Kristel...roar

Oh, now you're shy

Kristel, Susan, Shoshana and Shosh's friend

Susan and Shosh

Not gonna lie, Kristel kinda scares me...and everyone else

Nice drink...fag

Josipa @ RA for her b'day

Way to go finished the whole Tsunami thing

Drew, Amy and Kristel

Kelly and Kristel

Group shot infront of RA

Kristel, Josipa and Kelly...hooray for titties

Kristel, Josipa and Kelly with her slut face on

That's hot

Yes Kelly, we all see your titties

Kristel has the longest middle finger ever

I love you...all four of you

Mike has created a great view for all of us

Darrel doesn't know what's goin on, and Amy

Freshman year cute

Me, Old Man Rivers, and Kristel

HAHA, Tyler likes little boys

Tyler and 2 randoms

The moon...I guess you had to be there

Josh passed out on the floor after knocking over the couch

Mike got so hot at Cactus Moon that he had to rock his shirt like Josh

Felice and Kristel

Ignore Mike...look at the fat bitch gettin it on with the skinny kid in the back

Amy and Kristel enjoying a nice little slow dance together...I heart lesbians

Mr. and Mrs. Tucson 2005

Tyler and Dewey

Tyler and all his roomies

Dewey riding the chair gettin ready for his performance

Josipa showing off...weird

Josh, Beefcake, Felice and Marine Mike

Dewey doin a reverse strip

Oh snap! Dewey was fuckin hammered

Kristel enjoyin the show

Dewey, Josipa and Josh

Ok Kristel...your turn

Like you guys have never seen that before

Kristel wrestling outside Trident

Happy Birthday Josipa!

Josipa taking good care of her baby burritos

Ya, I'm that drunk

See, I told you