Little 5 Weekend 4:20:2002

Beer, drugs, 80's music, sex, and oh ya, a race


ATO and part of Acacia

The Bud truck was hijacked by bastards

Becca cant even sit in the chair

Buffet of beer...awesome

Beer pong at 10am...awesome

Capt double fistin like a champ

Capt havin a good time

Capt is FUCKED up

Cari Gill and Skis in my car on the way to Steak and Shake

Casey and Dan fightin for the ball

ChiO girls can party

Courtney read my mind...excellent

Cute thong

Dan kickin it on the couch at Hanley's

Dan Big pimpin it on the phone

Dave and Jase chillin at Hanley's

Dave showin up to the apartment

Dave tryin to figure out how to take pictures

Dean and Sondhi givin me the salute

Drunkass after she fell down the stairs and did a face plant

Sign infront of Fiji...damn that place is old

Where the pledges sleep...poor bastards

Get 'er Lange!

Gill and Brendy enjoyin Kegs and Eggs:The Breakfast of Champions

Gill and Skis think they can dance...they can't

Gill and Town kickin it at the apartment

Gill givin me the Salute

Gill infront of Acacia

Gill Sondhi and Skis mealin on some beef and wiggle

Griff and Will

It was this big...

Jase and Petey on Hanley's ghetto ass couch

Jase tryin to get his hair to look like Dan's

Jess Woody and Scottie

Julie and Kim at the apartment

Mercho still thinks he has a chance

Julie freakin Kim

Julie, Steel and Gill

Jungle Juice works wonders

Kim arguing with Skis

Kim, Sweets, Gill, Lange and Skis at the apartment

Lange and Liz

Lange has reached a new low

Lange Woody and Capt chillin at the apartment

Liz and Sondhi at Tortilla it just me or does something seem odd?

Me and Ann's drunkass

Me and Casey

Me and Griff

Me and Maggie at school

Me and Sweets

Me with my best friend

Melissa and Rebecca...drunk chicks are awesome

Mercho and Julie downin their beers

Is there any question that he is gay? didn't think so...

Mercho passed the fuck out

Mercho thinks he is pimpin Julie

Mercho with random chick #1

Mercho with random chick #2

Mercho with random chick #3

Mercho with random chick #4

mm mm mm

Nice ass?

Nice body?

Nice face will.jpg

Nice legs?

No clue what dave is doin

Partyin at Fiji

Peter pissed all over his pants after tryin to shuffle step and piss at the same time while walkin to Fiji comment

Q and Stonejay freestylin

Random tits?

Rebecca hanging on to the chair for dear life

Rebecca looking to Melissa for help...please?

Schmegma...dangit, so much potential

Skis and Cari outside steak and shake

Skis Capt and Becca are all hammered...excellent

Skis Rebecca and Julie

Skis thought this was funny for some reason...nerd humor i guess

So close, but no chance...ever

Sondhi about to jump in the dirty ass pool

Sondhi jumpin the pool...time for him to get tested

Stonejay and Lange

Sweets and Happy goin at it

Sweets and Happy still goin at it

Sweets and Rebecca winking...right

Sweets kickin it at fiji

Sweets looks like the dad from Next friday?

Sweets with a glowin ball in his hand

The wall grabs Lolo's attention


Will says keep drinking

Wonder what Woody is thinkin about

Woody about to pass out standing up

Woody and Julie

Woody drunk dialing already

Woody gettin drunk

Woody sayin what up
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