Little 500 Week 2005

Gotta love taking a week off from school to go and party in Btown


Jon and Josh @ Yuki's

Steve and Jon after he took the spout off the spout

Sober Jon and Courtney @ Yuki's

Trish, Coach, some random and Steve

Josh and J blacked out @ Dirtbag's

Jayme actually came out!!!

Schneider and Tyler enjoyin their night off...blacked out

If you can find the sober person than you are much smarter than I

Just pretend that Jeems is wearing board shorts because he is, I just didn't get a good picture

My thoughts exactly

Mike rockin out with his cock out. and some old school Blue Blockers...classic

Nick and Kellen

AJ, Nick, Kellen and Nick's import girlfriend

Would be a nice picture except for the retard who didn't move his fucking finger

Nick and the wife

Me and Alysha

OOO OOO...Big Mike finally got his rims on his car

Jon and Jen havin their own Little 5 just like back when they used to play in the crib cute

Jen, Marissa and Kelly

Oh Snap! It's Afroman

He was gonna open his eye for the picture, but then he got high...fuck ya, me chillin w/ Afroman backstage

Jon and Jen playing the remember when game

Some hot ass girl

Me and Beefcake takin down shots @ Sports


Beefcake, Jen and Jon

Big guy in a WAY too tiny shirt

Everyone smiling right before Jager bombs! YAY!

Me and Amanda @ Sports

Afroman playin @ Sports

Afroman's posse

Beefcake and Jon

Beefcake stopping to read the paper in the middle of Kirkwood so the cops will think he is just did we not end up in the drunk tank?

FIJI fuckers all passed out on Tuesday so we made some noise and fucked some shit up and they still didn't wake up...dissapointment

Me and Btown 5-0

Weirdest bathroom ever, inside Runciple Spoon

Jon waiting to play beer pong while enjoying a nicely undercooked buger

Switzer, I know you are jealous of the size of the straw...but you're always going to be a big pussy and yes, I will beat your ass you silly fag

Beefcake rockin the Asian light thing after sake bombin at Sushibar...and yes, it is supposed to be all one word

Donk workin the corner tryin to get us a ride

Beefcake, Donk, Almond and Me at the Sake bomb place

Me and Sass at Kilroy's

Sass and one of her friends

Random shot at Kilroy's...just as packed as Dirtbag's, yet amazingly less gay

Me, Sass and Greets

Me, Greets and his g/f

Lauren and Starling

Ann and Tony

Oh ya Jase! TAKE IT OFF!!!

Big Dave up on the table...and possibly about to fall off the table?

Lauren has to be hammered

Tony rockin out

Tone is having a rock star night apparently

Beefcake, me and the shot girl who took Darrel's $20 and just gave him 8 shots...what happened to getting change?


2 test tubes full of shit down into my mm mm, that's good stuff

Sara and Julia outside Kilroy's

Naptime for me, on the smallest couch in the room

Two other couches and I pick the fucking chair

And now i'm upside down in the chair like a Ginormous two year old...sweet

Donk chillin on the couch before booze time for the highlighter party

Switzer you big pussy

Snail takin pulls of Evan Williams...gotta love the Edub

Beefcake's turn...blackout Thursday begins

Donk Face Killah

Beefcake is apparently too good for beer bongs and goes straight to the vodka sprite

Shalom takin his turn on the beer bong

Beefcake and Almond

Me and Caitlin

Feldman getting mentally ready for the task ahead of him...

Feldman takin down the 4 Beer bong...booya kasha, respek

Beefcake and Snail drinkin...Jon isn't even bothering to talk to girls anymore, he's just putting his face in their tits...lovely

Snail, Beefcake, Donk and Barber have all had enough to drink that they're throwin up gang signs...awesome

Beefcake takin a pull off my pitcher of vodka-aid

Donk's turn, he doesn't look as happy as Beefcake did...ungrateful bastard

Donk and Beefcake takin cups to the dome

Beefcake and Kevin

Holiday and Birthday girl

Jon almost puked after Darrel told him to take pulls off the handle of EDub he thought he was holding...definitely champagne

Holiday is startin to get rowdy


Beefcake killin the bottle of champagne

And apparently he and Snail decided it was time for a good old fashioned Ho-Down!!! YEEEEHAW!

Beefcake takin pulls of Goose while Mackenzie is either pissed she isn't getting too or she is about to throw up

Oh snap! Look who I found

Sondhi yellin at me to get the fuck out

Well maybe he'll take a pull

See asshole, I knew you wouldn't mind takin a small break

Some randoms and Me with a big giant wheel?

Shalom playing chopsticks on the piano at Fiji for everyone's listening pleasure

Donk decides to rock the wheel as his Ice for the night

Apparently Schlagel likes Donk's piece...I'm just not sure which one

Jon put the wheel on Beefcake to distract him long enough to get a pull out of the Goose bottle

Beefcake didn't really appreciate that and made sure Jon knew it

Beefcake is too hammered at this point to figure out how to get the wheel off, it may as well be a Chinese finger trap cause he's not getting it off by himself

Sass and Shalom screaming something @ Kilroy's

Pearson can't believe Beefcake is actually wearing the Caddy hood ornament he jacked from Snail...can you say blacked out

Sass on the phone with Shapo...and it just got weird

Me and Sass out front of Kilroy's

Kelly, Amanda , Jon and possibly part of Young Buck's crew?

Nah, it's just the hot dog guy

Jen wouldn't answer the fucking door and no one else was home to let us in so Shalom found a nice comfy piece of carpet

And so did Beefcake

Until I found Q chillin upstairs...great find

Jon on the phone talking to some girl until he hung up on her and said, 'I love you but I'm so fucking high, click' had to be there I guess

Beefcake passed out on the couch and swore off drinking like a pussy...until noon the next day

Shalom all by himself infront of the IU gates at the corner of Kirkwood and Indiana

Rudy and some other kid hoppin around the entire basement tryin to kill one bee...great use of resources kids

Snail ridin the razor around the kitchen...we were all just waitin for him to eat shit but it never happened

But Teeter ate shit all by himself just trying to stand up without holding onto anything

Snail cut after he didn't catch the beer that Almond tossed him...sooo awesome

When in doubt, use a towel and duct tape...except in this case because it makes you look like a terrorist

Beefcake and I decide to hop on the duct tape band wagon and ensure that people quit stealing our fucking cups

Shalom and Wonder Woman

Teddy doesn't really make for a very attractive girl

Teeter taking a bath in the disease pool out front

Shalom makin a few divots cause his pussy ass didn't want to wake up @ 8am to drink and play golf with everyone else...fag

Beefcake trying to remember what this green stuff is called cause it has been so long since any of us have seen it

Adrianne and Shalom

This scene is straight out of Billy Madison...Sondhi is gettin his assk kicked in the pool by his girlfriend and we're all sittin around laughing at him

Donk runnin away from Sondhi so he doesn't get the clap from the pool water

Donk having a nice friendly conversation with a giant piece of corn

Wow...if I didn't have a picture of this I'd think someone slipped something in my drink

That's gotta be the dirtiest ear of corn ever

Why do I feel like this could be a movie, set in Indiana...'attack of the giant corn lady'

...and she rides a razor, it just gets better

The girls exciting as watching snakes sleep

Shalom stoppin off to see the Jew house

The killer squirrel that almost attacked Jon

Sondhi is the only thing holding this kid up

Some kid passed out in a car on Kirkwood, classic


It's a beautiful fucking morning and its time to start playing beer 8:30am

Midwest kids know how to party, and this is proof

Everyone hammered by 9am is how it should be

Snail and Switzer teamin up after losing already

And the award for gayest pose of the morning goes to...Mike Switzer

Donk still goin strong after winning 3 games in a row

All Brendy can do it smile after gettin spanked by Donk and Shalom

And Jon is startin to get the swerve walk

Where else does everyone get wasted so early in the morning with so many people...FANTASTIC

Even girls are getting hammered, this is the MOST wonderful weekend of the year!

And Donk is about done

Switzer about to sink another ball and end Capt's spree

Me Jon, Me FIJI?

Everyone so blacked out

Me and Shalom @ Breakfast of Champions

Darrel with the most fitting IM shirt of all

Switzer is about to throw the towel in

Havens can't be stopped today!

Where did this kid come from?

It's gonna be a blackout HOLIDAY!!!

Holiday is absolutely irate cause Donk is playin again without him

Jon and Mackenzie. On your mark...get set...DRUNK!

And the shirts are commin off already

Couldn't even begin to tell you whats goin on in this one

Shalom tryin to give Lange a high 5 and end up slapping him....whatever, close enough

Beefcake c-walkin in the basement

Even Mrs. Sondhi made an appearance this weekend...gotta love Rani

Switzer roundin up some backup

Snail and Beefcake

Liz and Adrianne enjoyin a nice beer hot

Beefcake and Barber

Jon shouting jibberish into the megaphone before Snail revoked his privileges

Feldman is mesmerized by Beefcake's ability to drink beer...haha, just kidding

This picture is just like the rest of the big fucking blur

Sondhi and Feldman tag teamin Natalie

Little hottie drinkin from the megaphone

Me and Liz on the porch outside

The purple KKK. As if we didn't know we were in Indiana already...I hope Beefcake found a safe place to hide

And the rider send off begins...

Gotta love it when parents come down and watch their kids get drunk

Ok people, get the fuck out of the way so the riders can get to the track

Fine, let Almond get off the roof first

Gotta love everyone screaming for no reason at all

Drunk dudes and snakes everywhere

Well shit, two more hours to kill before the race...back to booze

Those shocks are definitely ruined

The man...the myth...the legend that is...Donk Face Killah

FIJI-ChiO Little 5...possibly the worst chant ever

Group shot infront of the house

Honestly, who jumps into a bush?

I'm gonna guess that guy is getting a little bored

Back to the pool and slip n' slide

Little 5 wouldn't be complete without a nice little brawl on the front lawn between ATO and Acacia

Holy shit! Carl is riding for Acacia

The tree from the G-Room on it's last leg

Beefcake talkin mad shit to the pitcher of beer

Lange and the wife

Beefcake and Barber

Oh snap! My little bro stoppin in for a drink from Vandy...gotta love gettin wasted with the fam

Sondhi after he spilled all over himself

It just went downhill from here

Me Tarzan, Me no like tree, me destroy inanimate tree!

Shalom after Tarzan took the tree to his face

Shalom and Charlie from VC...I have no idea what that means but ok

Teeter all painted up and nowhere to go

The aftermath of the basement

Schlagel rockin a flower

This poor unsuspecting soul

Tear drops from Schlagel

Beefcake wants none of that

But apparently he'll Superman onto Dr. Teeter's car

Beefcake and Sass playin with some random dog

Scottie and the wife @ the track

Beefcake, my lil bro and Titty havin a legit time @ the track

Me and Alisa...only saw her for 20mins all weekend though...Shady McShaderson

FIJI switch

Shalom passed out in the lawn

Beefcake passed out in the middle of some grassy knoll

Shalom takin margarita pours off the 2nd floor of the hockey house

The guys we met at our pit stop at the Hockey house

Shalom with the hot ass twins that pass shit out at the hockey games

Josh and Carrie

Jon found a helmet in the middle of the road and thought it would be funny to put it on...we all totally agreed with him especially when we saw the giant dildo attached to the front of it...fuckin queer bait

We flew 2,000 miles and took a week off of school to go to little 5...

There was no way we could pass it up

Finally, we had that feeling of satisfaction that we had been craving for the last 3 months...perfect way to end our 2nd Spring Break @ Little 5