Alysha Comes to Visit

I am the Luckiest Man Alive


Me, Lysha and Lindholm

Me and Lori

Alysha and Linsholm

Lindholm and his weirdo friend

Sorry Lori, you're stuck with him, haha!

Lori being polite

Lori drinkin to make the bad man go away

Me and Lindholm

Ya, not so tight

Me and Heather

The beginning of a bunch of randoms...

they seemed a whole lot cooler at the time

I guess you had to be there

fuck I was wasted

blah blah


ok, enough

fuck, is this over yet

not hot

Alysha and Lori, the two most influential girls in my life

Angry little midget


No clue

God I'm gay

It's gettin worse

Much better, me and the most beautiful girl in the world


Lindholm stole the camera

Lysh and Lindholm

Woah, not so flattering

Heather and the other cocktail chick

One of the homos tryin to hang

Angry Lindholm and Alysha

Poor little guy looks lost



No clue

Oh ya, sweet ass crack

Lysha, Fosse and Jayme

Jayme considering the swing

Lysha embracing the swing, I win

Me and Lysha

Fosse and Richard...most random couple ever

Me and Alysha, I'm so lucky

Closeup on Richard

Closeup on Alysha's boobs

Beefcake and Josh

Alysha keepin Darrel in check

Josh and Jayme


Some homo from Australia

Drink up

Beefcake push Dick's drink out of his face

Josh and Dick

HEY! Speak up babe, I can't hear ya!

Josh, Beefcake with a not so pleasent look, and the beautiful Alysha

Gay Lucas


BOOOO Creepy Lucas

Ya girl! Work it

Darrel's dream come true....a hot girl pouring booze straight to his mouth

I love that Alysha is tryin to work it on the pole...sooo awesome

Jayme, Josh and Lysh

Fuckin stripper showin off

Nothin special

Hey baby!

Lysha takin a ride

Heather and Beefcake

Beefcake and Lysha

Oh snap!

Get there girl!

Alysha screaming in pain ?

Somethin gross

That is the hottest thing I have ever seen. I love you Lysh.

Beefcake's puke below the table

Beefcake and Josh

Me and Jayme

Settle down boys

Lysh and someone's arm


Me and Fosse, sortof


Lysh and Richard

Beefcake and Josh

Ya, I'm awesome

Dick and Fosse

Lucas, Lysh and Dick...Keep dreamin Lucas


Ride her girl!


she's wasted