Sigma Kappa Mad Hatter Date Dash

And other random pics from various adventures in blackout land


Danielle, Paul, Julie and Josh

On your mark...get set...drunk

Becky and J

Lindholm should have just thrown the towel in and gone home

Or not...

Fosse and Kelly all dressed up

Kelly, Fosse and Kristen

Hogan wins

Maybe not...

Kelly and some random

Deutch, Shervin, Liz and Lucas

Randi, Alysha and Birnbaum

Randi, Deutch, Alysha and Sara

Me and Deutch

Hogan and Alysha

That's hot

This picture is a perfect example of why I should never drink again

Awesome picture of Chelsea, me and Kelly...except for some fuckers face

No clue

Brooke and cute

Me and Randi...

Kristen passed out


Leslie hammered tryin to take a shower...this should be good

Jon wasted off his ass

Hot Danielle...very hot

Josh and Kendra

Paul and Danielle


Me and Abbie

Holy shit, apparently I was under the impression my mouth was 6" to the left of where it really is...can you say sloppy mess?

Why am I still drinking?

1 more round...and then another, and another

Haha, Handin is more fucked up that I am.

Great picture, except that it is FUCKING fuzzy. Honestly, is it that hard to take a fucking picture?

Get 'er Jon

Me and Tom...carbombs?

Group shot infront of Sigma Kappa

ODB about to lasso some cattle

Jon should have been cut off by now

ODB caught Jivich

Another group shot

Vicki givin Josh a nice little happy ending


Brooklyn taking a picture of me taking a picture

Me taking a picture of Brooklyn taking a picture...ok, these 2 were totally not necessary

Brooklyn and her brother...if you couldn't guess


Me, Jon and Beefcake

California Gold Rush

Susan and Alysha

Me and Susan

Borto, Mallory, Alysha and Taylor

Me, Taylor and Forch

And again

Me and Forch

Me and Taylor

Me and Mallory

Jon, Me, Alysha, Lucas and Borto

Me and Susan

That's fuckin hot...not gonna lie

Taylor tryin to sneak drinks out of the bar

ODB taking advantage of Taylor's lovely cupholder(s)

Jon and Alysha

I win bitches!

If only I had any idea wtf was going on

Yes, I do love the whores


I look like a giant fucking retarded 12 year old

Alysha licking Jon's, random

Beefcake wants another drink? Maybe he needs to pee? I dunno

Jivich, Jon and some random

Beefcake gettin freaky with the bitchy hooker security guard

Absolutely amazing

Susan is jealous she didn't get to dance w/ the security bitch


Jivich and Taylor

Cute ears

I love lesbians


Raphel actually out at Dirtbag's...I had to document this momentous occasion

Paul all caught up in his own rope

Mallory getting denied from Dirtbag's right before getting hit by a about shitty night

Sly in full form

I don't think it's commin off man

Me and Susan at Dirtbag's

Paul and Trish

Karim and Josh at Dirtbag's...gotta love the not gay MIS kids

Sweet fuckin pants...both of you

Josh, Jayme and Paul...are those seriously bunny ears behind Jayme?

Vince is back in town's a celebration

Me and George

Sweet do man...and by sweet do I mean what the fuck is wrong with you

Gotta love it when Dads start showin up

Hot Trish...very hot

Someone stole Susan's hat

Chowder, Will, Boz and Me

Scottie Eh, Paul and Big Mike. Definitely don't remember this at all

Me and SteveO

Me and Erick

Woah...i'm hammered

I want to say I took this picture for the girl but I would be lying. I was WAY too excited to get my 2 drinks

Chitown and Jivich


Good night apparently

Dean, Jon and Coach's collage on Josh's door....fuckin queerbait

Lil' Kim

No clue

And it just got weird

Group shot at Trident on Sunday night...all hammered

Mike loves whores too....imagine that

I'm cut off apparently

Wow...this is definitely gay