Mardis Gras 2005 and Sake Bomb Night

Beads, Booze and Bitches...Fantastic!


John and Josh

What man? I'm so high right now, what do you want from me?

Corrine and John

Nice tit shot Adam

Melissa and Julia Goolia at Dirtbags

Jerod and Korenna

Brendon big pimpin

Kristen, Monica and Heather

What the fuck is Adam doing with his arm?

Now he is licking Nikki's face...yup, he's hammered

Me and Melissa

WTF is wrong w/ me

Erich working as usual

Mike and Brendon

Big Dick givin a nice salute, Dean and Coach

Jonnel after she ate shit...very nice

That's a fullie man, haha!

Me and OM Ben

Me and Monica, the Ben's marketing interns...such fun

I think Clarky is tellin me that ChiTown should pull the trigger before it's too late

Me and Fletch

Coach and I forget

Jill and Josh

Another fantastic picture from John

Wonder where they're off to?

Sake bombin' by myself, sad

Beefcake's dinner

Me and Jill

Fuck, I'm out already...I'm gonna be fucked up

Hot Coach...very hot

Me and Phil

Me and DFlip's little sister

Brenden and I forget

I forget, I think someone spilled

Clare takin it down like a champ

Jivich is too cool to be in pics now apparently


Finally Dean is startin

Cheers fuckers

Down it goes, into my belly

Phil tryin to turn the Kareoke machine on early

Benetti hangin out


Get her Coach

Beefcake, Dean and John

Shredded hangin out...sober

And the award for possibly the gayest picture of the year goes to...Remy

No clue


Sweet fuckin picture...ass

Girls kissing...always fun

Phil has had WAY too many gay pictures

John finally took a good picture

Shredded's feet...oh so sexy

Don't remember

Woah...awkward moment

Stop hiding behind the camera

That's hot

I stole Brenden's clue why

And the singing begins

Yay, I win

Get her Shredded

Josh, Beefcake and Walters poundin down Tokyo Teas

Me drinking water at a bar...the one and only time

What the fuck

Me and left eye is already startin to close

Greg and Phil both have the night off...fantastic

Shannon and Josh

Sener, Karen and Kevin


Sener snackin on a $10, nice

I can't even tell who this is

Me and Cindy, er ner

DG love

Me and John, this picture looks fuckin weird

J all by himself...poor guy

Hard to tell who is more wasted, but I'm gonna pick Sener

What was this chick thinking

Yet another pointless picture of me taken by someone

Good Tyson!

Come on, just hit it

You don't need to look at me in order for me to tell you that it is OK, just do it