Marine Mike comes to visit

Looks like another blacked out weekend


A picture of my camera?

Paul and Danielle @ North

Josh makin important calls


Big Tom and I

Mr, Big Tom and Josh

Josh and Paul

Casey, Mike and some random

Beefcake, Josh and Paul

Mike and Josipa...awww

I've got yo face!

There is nothing quiet about anything Casey does

Josh looking particularly enthralled by something

I'm a homo!

Josipa, Steve, Paul, Shredded, Beefcake, Josh and Mike...

Hooray shots!

Susan looking extra sexy

So much for that idea

Beefcake and Josh

Tyler, the white knight, comes out of nowhere

Mallory bein the Vid Chick for the night

Mallory and Stef on her B'day

Maybe giving Mallory the camera wasn't the best idea

Reggie Keith and Mike

Josh startin to think twice about Keith...or maybe Keith is startin to think twice about Josh


Mike passed out on Mariah's couch

Paul gettin Tyson from behind

Freshman Paul havin a little trouble with the breakfast Jager Bombs

Chicken from the week before...still there

Josh rockin the Stewie Griffen Hat

Shane licking up Jager off a piece of paper, or doin lines

Paul's hair fitting

Freshman Paul back to the Jager Bombs...HOORAY!

MMMM....Jager on the rocks for breakfast, my favorite

Darrel enjoyin his morning coffee/jager

Story time with Mike

10am Steel Reserve, it's gonna be a good day

Mike poundin his Steel Reserve on the corner of Highland...oh so awesome

It was so hot, we hit it with flames

Kelly carryin around her personal 18 pack...why didn't I steal that. She doesn't need it

Phil and his girlfriend or some random chick?

Phil, Me and Will

Ryan lookin extra drunk this lovely morning

Jeff's got his game face on...awesome

Paul about to ask Ryan if he is gonna finish his beer

Beefcake, Foley, Freshman Paul, Shredded, Josh, Walters, Paul and Garret

Great action shot

Adam lookin extra gay, and Liz

Some dude and Paul

Don't do it Paul

I'm serious ...

Oh man...

Shirts don't fit ya quite like they used to do they?

Paul lookin like a stuffed sausage

Adam teachin little kids how to play

fuckin gay sun

How cute

As cute as this may appear...they're actually surrounding the kid trying to steal the ball



Jeff takin one down

Shredded and Layton

Rob looks like he just got hit in the nuts or is about to take it in the of the 2, maybe both


Me and Mikey

Yes Paul, we all know you're awesome

Kevin talkin shit to Paul

Paul sayin whatever

Paul about to kiss some random dude

Kevin lookin awesome

Right after everyone went and pissed all over the wall

Dude, that guy's a FAG!

Awesome Paul, awesome

Evenin' bitches

Such a bad idea


Tastes just like candy!

Me and God...awesome

No clue who this guy is

Mike and some dude

Darrel just hit Mike in the back of the head and is really wishin he hadn't

Jager bombs

Awesome paul and some dude

Casey hangin out

Katie and Liz

5 Car bombs later

Some dude

Wow I was wasted

The sun never sets on a bad ass...


Shalom shows up

Ok, never using that ball ever again

Tyson's favorite toy

The fuckin bruise Walters gave me...or so I'm told, no clue how I got that

Jayme walking on Darrel

Apparently she is just gonna stand there for a while