Drunk with Deutch, Mark's Graduation,Beer Pong w/ Orientation Kids

Three weeks of no school...awesome

I spilled a little

Me and Deutch

Me and Asa

The Domino's guy, better known as Mr. Clutch

Hirsh and Jack passing time

Leilani and Deutch

That would be the king cup

Deutch waiting to drink

Hirsh took this

Deutch and I after 5 consecutive 1-on-1 beer pong games

Deutch and Leilani

Me and Elmo

Hirsh smoking... surprise, surprise

Jack and Hirsh lit up

My bad Deutch

Hirsh enjoyin his rice krispy treat

Monkey probably cock blocked some guy with a short temper

Graduation boy

Mark walkin down the isle at graduation

Hi Lori

King Dad sportin the crown at the after party

Jenkins and Szwed

Me and Mark mean muggin

Me and Mark at the after party

Lori, Beeman, Szwed and Jenkins

Me and Town

Willsy tryin to pimp

Me and Zack

Me and Court

Baz, Tolbs and Peenie Man partyin at Average Joe's after graduation

Everyone gettin drunk

Tolbs, Allyson, and Pearson

Reed takin a shot of house vodka...yum

Allyson smilin as Reed obviously enjoys his vodka shot

Kiz throwin up gang signs

Tolbs housin one with Baz

Allyson tryin to lick tolbs

Reed and Kiz

Allyson thoroughly enjoyin her conversation with Jerry

Me introducin Kiz to Surfers on Acid


Tolbs sportin some RC apparel

Me and Maureen at Average Joe's

Me and Beeman, my hot babysitter

Me, Lori and Maureen about to take a family shot

Me and Lori

Me and Jenkins, another one of Lori's hot friends

If that isn't a Kodak moment I dont know what is

Hunter and Kiz doin Snake Bites

Kiz has no idea what he's in for

Me showin the orientation kids how it's done

Jori and Loren...cute




Laura and Zeena

Me, Laura and Zeena



Right before the start of the 50-cup beer pong game





Baby Loaf enjoyin the champagne of beers


The quiet moment before the storm




This storm got fuckin violent

Hirsh tryin to get the balls to go on the roof

Hmmm...wonder who took this one

The damage Jack got from fucking with the pipes on top of the roof

Me on top of the roof

Hirsh is too scared to even be in the room

Hirsh evaluating the consequences of if he fell

Hirsh never did make it on the roof that night...