Memorial Day 2006 and Other Randoms

After a LONG Break AZMikes is Back!!!


Me, Lysh and Jen

Giggedy Giggedy Giggedy!

Paul and Mike

Hippie and Big Dick

Hal and I goin Deer Huntin

Randoms next to us

Me and Muse!

Lori and I @ North Beach Pizza

Ya, we're wasted

Muse and I in the parking lot

Me and Scare Dog at some random dude's party

Big D, Ellen and Scare Dog

Connie and I cold kickin it live...giggedy giggedy

Biggest tool ever

Lori and I @ Ocean Beach...I think

And again...

Scare Dog, Me and Lori @ Ocean Beach

My new ride

Ya, I know, it's fucking tight and you're jealous

Random stalkerish pic

Me, Courtney and Alysha...gettin it on in the pool

Alysha tryin to drown me and rather than worry about breathing, I try and save the beer

Court hangin out in the pool

Easy girls, we can do this one at a time or all at once

Awesome, all at once it is

Courtney isn't all about the whole voyeur thing

Yet whoever has the camera just makes it even more creepy

That would be me...Captain drunk guy

Lindholm and Carrie

Roman actually made it out

Jayme, Becca, Big Dick and comment

Random and Nancy

Lindholm, Roman and Carrie

Paul is that awesome, Big Dick showin off for no one and Nancy talkin to some chick

Carrie tryin to look cute while Roman and Lindholm try and see who can be more of a badass


No clue who that is

Big Dick wasted...weird

Josh mean muggin the large black man

Josh dreaming of the possibilities...that will never happen

Nancy and Lindholm

Josh talkin to Paul who can't wait to get away

Becca and Jayme

Becca...oh snap, hello hello!

Carrie and Big Dick

I can't even think of a caption

Jayme, Nancy and the biggest homo on the planet right behind them

Big Dick reachin for the crystals....

Paul askin Roman what it's like to really be from Europe

Carrie hangin out

Always nice to see coworkers boozin together

Roman can't even watch anymore

Fuckin homo showin off the 9mm

Get her Roman!

Roman and Lindholm

Haha, can you say foreshadow

Jen and her awesome titties

Hottest drink bitch ever

What the fuck is he drinking

Josh and Big Dick representin on the dance floor

Nancy showin off for attention

That's right fuckers, drink to me

Paul looks like a deer caught in head lights

Nancy looks a little flushed

Some random chick cryin...weird

Lindholm and Carrie

Paul hangin out

Lindhom and Carrie again

Angel, some random and Me

Angel and his g/f

Beefcake found somethin interesting

Angel hangin out

Not a single person payin attention

Roman tryin to puff up and look big

Nancy, Jayme and Josh

Apparently the wall is more appealing to Darrel than Nancy is

Random shot

Roman and some dude


Angel and some randsoms

Angel and his chick

Mr. GQ

Josh is drunk

Darrel should just go home at this point

No clue

Oh god

No fucking way

Random hookers

Paul...that really is fuckin creepy

Ya Paul...get her!

Bitch please...

Jayme and her hooker friends


No comment

Random chick yellin for more....please no

Roman's clean white shirt and Lindholm is totally listening to Carrie...not at all


Ms. Too Cool for School

Some random not hot enough to remember

Becca and Josh

Poor girl




Nancy gettin ready for a long night apparently

Lindholm wishes

Jen and her awesome boobies

Darrel finally passed the fuck out

I forget

Big Dick "kickin it" w/ Carrie

All-Star Paul

Paul's head after he got stomped on

Paul's face after gettin stomped

My floaties are the only reason I'm alive

God I'm so fuckin awesome