24 Hours in Vegas for Michelle's Birthday

Spur of the moment trips to Vegas are always a good idea


Michelle and Sean

Claudia chillin on the limo floor

Ashley and Beefcake

Group shot at our first bathroom break before we even left Phoenix...this could be a long trip

Ashley takin a power nap

Beefcake and Michelle

Claudia usin the lime as a gag ball...sexy

Power nap while texting and drinking...impressive

Me and Michelle

Beefcake, Michelle and Me

Caludia's tits

Ashley and Claudia

So fucking gross...that's not drool either

Ashley tellin Claudia that someone is callin her outside the limo

Sober as a judge...false

Time to pass the phone around

Ashley's turn

Me and Ashley....are you sure??!! Are you positive?!

Ashley, Michelle and Claudia

Is this really happening right now...sooo awesome

You spill on me, I'll spill on you...so cute

The sun never sets on a bad ass

Me, Claudia, and Ashley

Claudia treating us to a lovely song since the fucking CD player broke


Ashley playin w/ Claudia

Hey, why not? Everyone is doing it

That's hot

Sean chillin in the limo

Michelle explaining quantum physics or something to Darrel

Still texting

Claudia's ass

Me and Claudia

I win!

Michelle needs to go into time out

Michelle lookin extra sexy

Thumbs up from Darrel

Michelle and Claudia on the blacony

Darrel tryin to iron his shorts with them still on...quickly followed by, "OW, that's fucking hot!"

Me and the girls :)

Holy random shit Batman, never thought I would run into these girls in Vegas

Me and Kate

Annie enjoyin some Crown from the random guy who passed us a bottle as he was leavin

Even Kate is gettin in on it

Me and Kate

Sean, Ashley, Michelle and Darrel at Tryst

And again, this time with Michelle's tits sayin hi

Very nice...

Ashley, Claudia and Michelle walkin around the Wynn at 7:30am after breakfast

Darrel doin a little landscaping in from the the Wynn

Darrel leanin back ridin the people mover....soo drunk

Beefcake, WASTED, at 9am

Pounding Jager at 9am...such a bad idea, I still win though