My 25th B'day w/ Cynthia in Maui

Hawaii for the weekend...why not?


View from our was like being on a boat without all the rocking

To the left

To the right

Straight ahead again

It was like I could almost touch the rainbow

View lookin down the beach

Some famous giant tree in Lahina

Token tourist photo

Holy shit! It's Jesus walking on water

This looked much cooler in person

Beach in Lahina

So awesome

Me and Cynch in Lahina

Awesome water again...most amazing hotel room view ever

Beach infront of the hotel

More beach

I need a better zoom lens...those chicks were smokin hot

Me and Cyncha



Hotel...ya, it was kinda big

And that still wasn't the end of it...

Looks kinda like a Rocky Point beach without all the broken glass

Cyncha hangin out, lookin cute

No clue

Me and Cyncha...bad angle

Another rainbow...

Me and Cyncha hangin out

Random beach

Different rainbow, same spot

People cliff diving


This dude was walkin around w/ his snorkel mask on and snorkel tube in his mouth....

Jailbait for Cyncha

I forget, somethin about the people in the other cabana

View toward Whaler's village

Totally not what I was goin for but it'll work

Gangster little kid

He's got a sister too

They're so cute it ALMOST makes me want to have them



More scenic

Ok, enough

Me and Cyncha under a rainbow on the beach in Maui...possibly one of the best pictures ever

Sick rainbow

The old lady with awesome hair...or somethin

Me and Cynch

Ohh, we're so!

Random bird


These didn't really turn out so well

Who cares, we had fun

Ya that little dance

Sunset pics...lots


And another

I didn't really get the shot I was lookin for

So I kept taking them

Nope, not that one

A little better

Still not that great

Ok, this is getting old

I don't think I'm gonna get it

Close enough, still not what I was hopin for though

Cynch lookin hot before we went out

Apparently I wasn't meant to get a quality sunset shot

Me and Cynch w/ Blackrock in the back

I think she was looking for my phone...that's a lie, I have no clue

I love that ass

Hangin out outside

Cynch and her to go cup of wine from the bar

Are you fucking serious? What is it with firemen? Haven't you learned your lesson yet? I'm way fuckin better

We got a little lost

Obviously a good idea to cut through the bushes

Little spillage

Ok, lots of spillage

I don't even want to know what the hell I was doing

Me, Cyncha and some Gorilla...I think I tried to buy it and they wouldn't let me

Hula dance show

Two of the hottest chicks ever

Random christmas party

That I decided to join

No clue who the fuck this is...I was beyond bombed at this point

Tony, our awesome bartender...ya, we were there for 2 days and already had a bartender that knew us by name...weird

Random old lady

19 my ass, they look 12

This is gonna be fuckin tight

SOOO awesome

Well done rock star...I'm still way more awesome than you though

Random UofM dollar bills

Some guy who recognized us from the hotel bar

He's gonna put it up

Cyncha's Univ. of Wyoming dollar bill on the wall at the Rusty Harpoon

That would be me swimming in the ocean, beyond wasted at like 2am

Ya, I'm serious....

Maybe I can get a better sunrise picture?

This has potential

God dammit, I'm terrible at this

Sweet Mountain background

View inftont of Whaler's village

Hawaiian chick doin some dance

Nightly cliff diving ceremony

Perfect end to the best and most perfect b'day weekend ever...IN MAUI!