My 24th Birthday and the night after...

Off to PCL...where everyone knows my name, especially the hot drink sluts!


Courtney and Me

Me and Josh

Josh's middle finger...weird

Me and Mallory...with dark hair

Much better

No clue

Ya, it's my birthday, i'm awesome

Nice little group shot

So not as fucked up as I look...I swear

Don't look too excited Mallory

Little crooked, but whatever

Me and Dave

Me, Dave, and Big Dick

Paul....makin friends

Danny makin a cameo

Zuke and Brooke

Wow Paul...Wow

Hey retards, the camera is over here

Mr. Cake

Hi Paul

Me rockin out to some song w/ Courtney

Courtney and Big Dick

Zuke, Courtney and Me

Creepy Paul hangin out by thw swing

Dick flashin up his new King Baby ring

OH SNAP! What you know about the ICE!!!!

Oh ya!

I win!

Some random chick sitting underneath the bar @ weird

Booger from Revenge of the Nerds

Sweet shot of the wall

Zuke and Brooke

Me and Zuke

Brooke and Zuke

Someone's hair

Still don't know?

Oh snap! It's Brooke

Randoms rockin out

Oh Paul....

Me and Courtney

Gotta love the birthday love

Only two types of people wear red shoes...

Zuke and Brooke, both super fucked up

It was her birthday too

Matt loves me

You should totally just sleep at my place...

Oh snap, what you doin Court?

Lickedy split is right ;)

Kayla rockin her "Christmas Eve" outfit that I thought up

Ya, I know, I'm fucking awesome...HEY! EVERYONE! Come and see how good she the outfit I gave her the idea for! I win

Me and Kayla =)


Besides the fact that I am cruisin down the 101, I don't ever remember Jack having a red cap?

Beginning of Epstien's speech

Sener, lookin extra sexy in his Christmas green sweater

I just can't get enough

Josh and Adam

Sutton, with I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Josh's finger

And the speech goes on...

And it just got weird...

Only these guys can take gay to a whole new level and almost convince people they are straight...but we all know they aren't

Brendan gettin in the Holiday spirit

And this is where it just got WAY too fucking gay/weird/gross for me

Me and Sener

Jeff's gay/drunk ass

Adam hangin out

Josh after he stole some random kid's Santa hat

Holy Shit! It's freshman Paul? No, no, no....that would be Sener's little bro...kinda creepy

Layton, Knudten, Josh, and Adam

Fuck you guys, I'm so awesome you love me enough to all want to be in the picture...fuckin assholes

Adam, Me and Knduten's gay finger

Randoms that were GROSS!

Me and Adam, ya, I know we're so fucking awesome it hurts

Weir...being Weir...but with more clothing on than normal

Beall and I takin a prom gay

Mollie and Brendan rockin their Jew tight, but we all know they are just Colts Santa hats that Mollie found in Indy and brough back...GO HORSE!

Me and Laura

...and yes, that is Gino...dressed up like an Amsterdam prostitute

And it just got weird...congrats Bridget

Kayla and her not so erotic Christmas Party...haha, I win

Knudten and Kayla, after he asked for a kiss and she had to explain that she had just met him and wasn't that easy

Adam flexing, as usual, and Beefcake

Me and Knudten

Josh, Adam, Beefcake and Jeff

Possibly the 1st time I have ever hung out with Adam and Jeff....together....fuckin homos either way


Oh snap!

Me and Francesca

Josh, Francesca and Adam

Get her dude!

Adam pullin some gay ass ballroom dancing homo queer shit

Jeff and Francesca

Me and Matt

Layton has as many friends as Jeff

Knudten and some random slut

Josh, Adam (with shit all over himself) and Spencer's girlfriend


Adam flexing...weird

Spencer, Me and Fowler

Randoms...that aren't hot

Adam, Layton, Knudten and Spencer

Fowler and her friends

Adam, Layton, and Knudten...fags

Best part of this picture is how pissed off Jeff is at Josh cause he thinks he is finishing off the bottle...too bad it was already gone

Ohhh, who's fucked up? JEFF IS!

Me, Mark and Beefcake

Beefcake, Josh, Knudten, Layton, Me and Walters

Fuck all ya'all

Josipa, Francesa and WAY too many cherry bombs

No clue...but still gross

Me and little one

Josipa is WAY too far away to try and pass out on Adam


Beefcake and Ann

Adam being a fucking mess...and I love it

The origianal ambiguously gay duo

Best picture awesome, I would rather shoot myself in the head than talk to you....good call Jeff

Ya, I know, I'm fucking awesome

Spencer and his chick

Adam making fun of some random

Layton and Adam

Two biggest fags in the bar...thses guys, by far

no clue

Hi five...homo

I'm just gonna leave this one alone...

No clue

Your guess is as good as mine

I was drunk?


Josh rockin out fucking gay

Adam chillin in Josh's car in the middle of the street....anyone else notice there is no driver and there is shit all over his top?

Apparently it dripped on the side of the car too

Beefcake fuckin with Adam