New Years Eve 2008 in Vegas

Rockstarin' it up at Rain


Charlie, Anthony and Jason chillin on the couch

He seriously made a fucking book of watches he wants?

I think Charlie needs another shot

Oh so pretty!

Jason looks like a two year old on christmas morning

Charlie hangin out

I forget

Anthony and his girlfriend

Me and Kelly

Ohhhh! Isn't Anthony so cute!

Get her Charlie

Kelly with her mad face on

The girls

Kelly makin friends

People next to us

Random door dudes?

Oh snap! I'm leavin this one alone

Jason and Beefcake

Anthony got caught in the headlights

Kelly and Charlie....with his eye's closed, weird

Charlie and Anthony, both fuckin hammered

Hooray Vegas!

Cynch and Kelly

Darrel has beads already

Jason stretching before we go out

...yes, I'm serious


Do work!


Katherine all dressed up

Hangin out

Jason knockin on wood

The sun never sets on this bad ass

Cyncha lookin hot as usual

If only this wasn't blurry

Katherine and Cyncha...almost ready


The crew before goin out

Darrel protectin Jason from the Paparazzi

Ok, everyone look away!

Not having a viewfinder makes things hard

Smile Girls!


Still workin on tryin to figure out the camera angles

Still workin...not so bad tho

Rain...soooo crowded

Don't have too much fun

Katherine needs another drink

Darrel saw a squirrel...and by squirrel I mean a hot chick with big tits


Pouty face

Me and Cyncha

The Reid-Kirks'

People watching

Ya....those are Oompa Loompas

Happy New Year

Smile for me girls!

My 2 favorite cougars

Katherine at her own little rock concert as usual

Jason doin shadow puppets

Kelly and Darrel


No clue

Get 'em Cynch

I'm still not used to this camera yet

REALLY scary spice!

Cyncha holdin her boobs...awesome

Runner dude, I think


Cynch lookin all cute

Ya, I know, I'm awesome

No clue


Cyncha probably yelling at me...weird

Jason is havin a great start to the year

I've been bad

Cynch's dress broke...tear *(

Harder than it looks motherfuckers!

Me and ghetto Edgerin

Hi girls!

You know you love me

In my white T...

Katherine gettin down

Oh snap!

Me and the dude w/ his white T-shirt!

He was fucked up!

Jason startin to fade a little

My random...I win

Spearamint Rhino is such a long walk

Ya, I was fuckin lost

I missed K-Fed hostin New Years.....I win!