Partyin the Night Before Eller Graduation @ Dirtbag's

One Last Night to Party as an Undergrad


Big Mike ready for some fun on the last night of being undergraduates

Lindholm and Stefanie...I think

Paul and Chris

Lindholm's way of saying was all down hill from here

Dodds and Shapo...everyone's favorite couple

Coach is drunk...excellent

Josh and Dodds

Josh and Coach

Aric came to Dirtbag's early too...we weren't the only ones lookin to get hammered early

Definitely Jayme's new facebook picture

She can't even look at the camera anymore...such shame!

Kassie and Jonelle

Drew and his parents all the way across the bar...a little fuzzy

Mike, Josh and Chris


Me and Shalom wasted for the last time together @ Dirtbag's cause queerbait decided to leave

Mike tryin to look important w/ a Dolly

Dean was the only one payin attention...oh well

Jayme and Amanda have to be holding Josh's blackedout ass up

Monica isn't drunk enough to smile for pictures yet

Paul tryin to drink out of Josh's cup while he's takin a picture w/ Aric...who does that, honestly

Why is Chris' tongue a weird color?

Randi pauses before lighting his cigarette to smile for a picture...he's got his priorities in order for sure

Big Dick, Josh, Jayme and Alysha

Dave, Matt, Beefcake, Lucas, Paul, Josh and Big Dick poundin shots @ the back bar

Me and Lysh

Josh showing his affection for Hadar...nevermind, he's just drunk

Matt, Paul and Josh

Shalom is drunk...weird

Jimbo and Caito

Chelsea and Brooke at Dirtbag's...weird

Me and Brookie

Brooke is drunk enough she was going to let me pour a drink in her mouth...I should have just gotten a cup of water and poured it all over her shirt...why can't I think of these things at the time?

Brooke is drunk

Big Dick, Lucas and ODB

Brooke's ass...

Maggie, Me and Connie

Me, Ward and Steve-O, Kaibab represent

Sly and Alysha w/ some random that he snagged

Me w/ Susan and her sister...look at what happens when a girl from New Mexico(left/before) ends up at the UofA(right/after)...I should sell this to UofA admissions, every girl in NM would go here

Paul and Mike...little weird, probably drunk

Dude, it's cool, it's cool, I swear, just drink it

Paul looks waayy too creapy in this picture

Paul, Mike and Will

Mike workin so he can get hammered tomorrow

Deanne, some random, Katie (I think) who apparently Dean doens't like, and Randi

Josh tellin Paul something but judhing by the retarded smile on his face he isn't paying attention at all

Megan and Ted

Chelsea and Heidi hot, is this weird?

Shalom, Chris, Beefcake and Mike who apparently developed a lazy eye?


Shalom and Mike

Salim and Mike...this is one of the best Kodak Moments EVER!

I win bitch, I win!

Nick and his hot ass 30 year old girlfriend...fucker

Kino, Vanessa, Beefcake, Mike and Big Dick showin off his watch...fucker

Haha, Monica is drunk finally

Smile my fellow Irish Drunky! Good Luck in Cali

Love you too, Eurotrash

Greg and Taylor barbackin'

Me and Allie

I think they mean Blue House parking lot...maybe it's just me?