NLCS 2007, Sunday Funday and Some Random Nights in Between

Hooray for Sunday Funday!


There is no wind blowing, her hair is really sticking to the side

Darrel texting

Beefcake and Kayla

Me and Princess Kayla
Creapy Sean givin Kayla a hug

Nice ass...

Sweet monkey


DBacks v. Rockies game

Blah blah blah

More randoms

I have no clue

People rockstarin it up on top of the dugout

I forget...again

Me and Holly

Ok, enough baseball pics

Dude, it totally looks like the target dog

Me and Jess

I'm awesome high up

Sweet game shot

Close up?




Ok, these are getting old

Random old dude from UofA that sat behind us going to get me another beer cause I raced him and won...obviously

Mallory getting lost

Scissor gang Beefcake

NLCS game...and look at all the open seats...LAME

We are so sexy

Much better...

More random game shots

Mallory looks confused

My sweet leg after I got pushed into the row ahead of us...awesome

Sweet shirts

Nap time...

Ok, last random game shot for a while

Darrel helping the rickshaw guy out cause he was going too slow...awesome

Tyson and Darrel

Awesome...not at all, hurts so fucking bad

Mal pal showin off her bruises


I love Kayla

Tyson is so confused

He just decided to give up and put his head down cause he couldn't get out

Tyson chillin at Salty

Tyson doin his 'counter' trick that freshman paul taught him so well...he really does think he's a real person

Little guy is gettin tired

Obviously it is a great idea to put your foot out the window

Mal pal finishin her beer off...before goin back into the bar


Mallory trying to eat the chip that is on her shoulder....awesome


So hot

Kayla and Tyson

Tyson gettin some love

Tyson is in heaven

Ok, enough with Tyson

Oh my god, i'm like SO smart!

Because you need to push your chest out...


Ya, you're hot, we get it

Ok, maybe not

Yes please!

Mike fell down...ATM BABY!

So awesome

Obviously we need a hunter orange under armour hat

Mike rockin his new hats @ checkout

It's got an inner lining to wisk away the sweat!

The camo hat is even better

Cougar hunting saturday...awesome

Hi Kayla

Me eating the scorpion from the Mezcal bottle...ya, i'm retarded, i know

Jason, Beefcake, Zuke, Crow and Big Dick

Way too many people in my car

Worst idea ever

Jason and Beefcake

Random chick

Awesome advertising


Kayla made it to Sunday Funday!!!

Walker and Katelyn

Walker tellin the awesome story about the night before

Jason tryin to not be hungover

Roomie love!

Annabelle is so happy to see Kelly

The Reid-Kirk's

Seriously, they may as well just make it their Christmas card

HAHA! homo!

Katelyn and Kayla

Annabelle totally thinks she is a lap dog

Smile Katelyn

Annabelle is awesome

Kayla with shit all over her after the umbrella flew out


Umm...I'm gonna leave this one alone

Kayla finishin her ice cream

Ok, now it's cleanup time

Good as new

Open wide little guy

Sunday Funday w/ Princess Kayla

Dan's awesome belt

Seeing as I ate a scorpion the night before, why not eat a worm

Down the hatch!

WAY worse than the scorpion

Creasey looks a little gay

We all love Jess

Brad hangin out

No clue

Anna's reaction to a not so awesome shot

Bitch wasn't even Irish!

Oh snap! It's Danielle! HEEEEEEEEYYYY

Me and Amy @ RA....I think