November and December 2005

Random nights @ Dos, Maloney's and Suede


Lysh toasting no one

Me and Lysh

Mallory lookin a little drunk

Rimal and Me

A few shots later


Aaron, Andy, Me and Rimal

And again...

Beefcake and Travis

Randi and Travis

Randi and Travis

Yay me!

How did I get so lucky?

Beefcake on his way to a good night

No clue

Travis and Aaron

I forget

No clue

Randi stole my camera

Randi and Lysh

Randi and Travis

Ok, I'm gonna throw up

Me and Aaron

Randi and Mal Pal

Randi is fuckin hammered

Me and Kristen


I forget


Security dude sneakin a peak into the chick's bathroom...fuckin weirdo

I really wish I could remember wtf happened

Me, Travis and ???

No clue

Me and ODB's twin brother

Randi handing me my debit card that I left on the bar...oops

Michelle and Randi

Michelle, Randi, Becca and Lysh

Love you guys too

Michelle and Alysh, open wide baby!

Michelle dancin by herself

Lysh joinin in

Work it girls

Me lettin the security guy know I'm watchin him

No clue...

Now I remember but no comment

Blow it up Tyson!

Good boy

Me and Tyson

My sleeping beauty! Love you Lysh!

Darrel in fine form as usual!

Me shaving

And random

Jayme's cupcakes for me on my B'day

Jayme at RA

Josha nd I at RA

and again...

Lindholm, Lucas, Me and Josh....shot time!

I'm awesome!

Hedi and I forget

Me and Heidi

Heidi, Josh and Lucas

Me and I forget

Me and Sheena

Heidi, her friend and Sheena

What up Pi Phi bitches


Jayme and Josh passed out

Jayme woke up

And she's back out...

Amina and Lysh

Me and Shredded with his new camera that looks just like mine

Becca and Lysh havin a great time

Get her Lysh

Ryan and Michelle

Michelle and Lysh

Chase and Becca meet on the dance floor

How the hell did she end up on his back

Me and some random

Me and Amina....

That's better

Lysh tryin to get a better look

Motherfuckin scorpion on the kitchen floor

BEEEAW! Gone bitches!