Mike and Josipa's "Wedding" in Vegas. It be Str8 Gangsta, Bitch!

And other random pics from before and after...


No, how you doin?

Box trying to seduce the camera

And the award for the most metrosexual beerpong toss ever goes to....good ol' Pete

Judging for wind is always crucial

D Rel and Sly slangin beerpong balls like weight

I stand corrected...thats the most metrosexual beerpong toss ever

You can barely keep your eyes open....do u really think just "one more" is a good idea?

Mike telling one of his stories again, or did someone just step on Maria's mom foot?

Paul chiming in with the always warranted "YOU DUMB!"

Apparently he just won at something...to bad we are all to shitfaced to know what

Mike always a good samiritan, taking one of Jerry's Kids out on the town

Tyler stick to your day job

Gonna go ahead and chalk that one up to the alcohol

She must have had a roofie-colada...there is no way Drew is this funny

Sweet two dudes...ya i dont know why i took this either

Bum cuzzis.....yaaa yeaaaaaaaa

That is one expensive CD cleaner

The sign in the background says it all

Which came first the tribal armband or the bandana

Look at the happy groom, the bride on the other hand...hmmm

There is that smile we all know and love

Beefcake being molested

Aww poor beefcake...no

Look still pretending like he doesnt want Josipa to touch him

Sumo wrestler or giant penis u be the judge?

Look at the size of that finger...he could pick his nose with his hands in his lap

Come on who hasnt been to vegas without a random black guy slappin you on the ass

Do you want to touch my penis

Look ladies and gentlemen its Barney Fief

Cop thinks this is a family reunion

Gotta stretch out, dont wanna pull anything when your dressed up as a giant wang

Quite the tourist attraction

Is it that hard to use a flash

There we go thats better

The groom forgot to keep it real..and had to put on his gangsta googles

Even "The King" himself comes out to see Mike get hitched

The wedding party

Work that chicken wing girl

Screw the chicken wings, keep the booze flowin bitches

Mike is wondering why this stinkin rican crotch is so close to his face

He brings a peace offering of booze..so its all good

Delicious beverage for the soon to be married couple

Cheers to being single, seeing....oh wait

Know Mike want to hurt the Puerto Rican again cause he just realized that was tequila

Josipa already has the wifey death grip on him

What would a wedding be without booze

Ya thats what it looked like through our sober eyes

Must have been to drunk and forgot I've already taken this picture two times

Josipa admiring her huge rock

Think the idea of getting married just hit Josipa


Look at them legs going up and making an ass of themselves

Give you one guess who the degenerate alcoholic in this picture is

Jams musta been bumpin like chicken pox up in da limo

Does he ever piss in a toilet?

Starting to think Paul isnt potty trained

Feliz is apparently so excited she busted out in interpretive dance

I'd like to order one marriage license please

This lady must be psychic she already looks pissed


Paul definetaly doesn't know where he is at

Gangsta boutonniere Tyler

And there it is....I DO

Whats the first thing a man does on his wedding night...of course enjoy a delicious beverage

Who is holding who up?

Gonna go ahead and guess Feliz doesn't remember much of the limo ride

So Mike, what color hair does Josipa have again?

No Mike, boob is not a hair color


Gangsta bitches.....Gangsta, nuff said

I dont know what your saying either Paul

Way to ruin a wedding picture...way to go, way to be "That Guy"

Look Pablo Escobar isnt dead

Dealer looking pissed cause Paul probably busted out his extensive drunk vocab of "You Dumb!"

Pablo is apparently cool enough to wear glasses in the casino

Yes his finger is really as big as that sign

Random cab driver, gonna go out on a limb and say we probably pissed him off

Now there is a motto to live life by...."Cold Beer and Dirty Girls"

We were so shitfaced didnt realize that said passport

Cant tell if this is Paul's pimp limp or gay gimp walk

The tres amigos and ya we still haven't gone to bed

Mike is up to his usual quality control inspection, and apparently she passes

So ladies can I buy u something to drink?

Biggest bellhop in the world...like you were looking at Mike in that picture

Browned-out drunk at 8am...awesome

Tyler probably drunk off of the booze fumes that are coming from Beefcake's pores

Who knew Sly Stallone was so young

One more year and you'll be able to rent a car...just tryin to be positive folks

Tyson makes a guest appearance

And apparently so did his softball sized nuts

Darrel acting out his innate abilities as a landscaper

Well, after graduating the UofA with an MIS degree, apparently landscaping was a more appealing job that working for ADT...big surprise