Parents Weekend Tailgate 2004

Nothin Better than Getting Hammered with Mommy and Daddy


Tasty and Zuke

Supposed to be a picture of me and Jane with the 'I Like Mike' shirt but SOMEONE took a shitty picture...asshole

Zuke and Dodds

Me and mm mm

Logan, Lucas' little bro, in high school

Brendan rockin a great shirt proving once again, Dyslexic people have more nuf

Will and Carter, great picture guys

Birdman, Brendan, Zuke, Will and Carter

Carter and Sarah

Annie, Mallory and Dodds

Logan takin a beer bong

Apparently Logan isn't ready for college yet

Shapo and Dodds, the happy couple. On a side note, Josh could cut glass

Morgan lookin cute as always and Dave in fine form as always

Hey Look! ChiTown stops by for 30 seconds

Aerial view of the people that are left

Hi Beefcake

Aerial view of the other half

Morgan goin down...low to take the beer bong like a champ

Paul wiping the beer off his face the Darrel spilled out of the top of the beer bong...rookie

The happy family

DFlip takin a beer bong

DFlip's puke from after the beer bong

Brendan makin sure we all see DFlip's puke

Stacy and Zuke...10 beers later

Lindsay doin her first beer bong @ my house...I feel honored

High five for the bad ass

Jane is mesmerized by the mystery that is, "The Beerbong"

Jane after conquering the beer bong, she even gives the 'keep it commin' motion...thats dedication, especially from a hottie

Obviously I only took this picture to show that Claire spilled on her shirt...I swear

Annie tryin to take a nap...on the concrete

Paul holdin Monkey

I'm sure ODB and Will are the last people Stanton wants to see if he is that dressed up

That hat has gotta do wonders for the hair

Logan and Lucas, drunk brothers, how precious

Me with my Dad and Mom

ODB almost hitting Jane's car...almost

Mallory getting consoled by Lucas, I forget why though

Full cup beer pong game with the door guys from Dirtbags during their 45min break

Zuke and Will v. Eric and Gabe...full cup, GAME ON

Nice of ODB to make himself a drink with my booze...fucker

A hot fucking picture of

Dirtbag's guy gettin their ass beat

Zuke and Will dominating Dirtbag's

Andy at Maloney's

Andy and some random

Leilani outside Maloney's

Whatau Bitches!

Zuke passed out on my floor...gotta love nights like this