Party At Scottie, Candee and Seth's Crib

Lots of Random Cock but it was Still Fun


Oh how cute, Darrel has a heart on for me...i get it

Danielle, Jen and Mandy

Stop starring, Frank

Frank and Jen

Jen snugglin up with Tom

Tom, Frank, John, Jen and Hess

Melanie, Candy and Big Dick, kinda random group

The godfather and Lauren, his new g/f

SteveO in fine form as always

Maggie and Kroopf

Silly Canadiens

Honestly, who comes home London because it "isn't fun"...this guy!

Caito in fine form

WTF is wrong with Brenner

Shervin, Liz, two random ass people and Deutch about to slip it in her ear

Beall and some random dude playin beer pong

Looks like someone has played a few too many games of beer pong

Lauren and some random ass fucking dude...soooo sketch

Hi Topher

Seth's amigo from phx

Hey Zuke...and once again he's not lookin at the fuckin camera

Candee pimpin it

Eric and some random girl

Leah has no idea where she is

Allie and Leah both blazed as can be

Princess Melanie

Froshies and Lucas

Mark Cristos and Candee both hammered

Seath Corner... what's the reason for the big smile little guy

Ohhhh Scottie, what's the problem?

SteveO is deeply entranced in a conversation... yeah right

John and Kroopf

Randoms...very random

Kip and some dude

Jason, Mandy and Danielle chillin by the pool

Jeremy has absolutely no clue where he is

Tom tryin to fish the euro kid's hat out of the pool

Looks like I caught Beall in the middle of a piss

Jason wishin he were big

Aaron looking fantastic

Tom and Maggie tryin to talk to the guy from Denmark

Andy, random and Danica

Chitown finally shows up

Get her Scottie!

Danielle and Jen...both

Ohh, what a kodak moment for the happy couple

The happy couple?

Scottie tellin the euro kid that he can't fuckin smoke inside

Scottie shakes the eurotrash's kid hand just so he would go away and shut the fuck up

Jen and SteveO chillin behind the bar

Girl on Girl action...

Nick tellin me how sober he is...lyin motherfucker

Kroopf and Hess just chillin as the party winds down

Yay, Mazatlan reunion

Random party shot

Nick's drunk ass drivin me home after telling me he was sober...motherfucker