Party At Nick's Crib in the Foothills


Candee and Nick

Lauren and Emily chillin on Nick's bed

Me big pimpin with Emily (grr grr) and Lauren

Shirvin and Arta gettin good and wasted on Nick's balcony
Kaibab reunion

Lauren and Arta

Emily kickin it with the Godfather himself

ODB, John Carter and Zuke...all wasted

Jen and idea who these girls are

Erinne and Krystal decide to make a cameo

The ho squad lookin amazing as always

Kristie big pimpin it with two randoms i dont know

The Ho Squizzle again

Candee tryin to get in on the love I'm gettin from the Ho squad

Me with the coolest twins ever...Kacey and Krystal

Someone's rockin LaCoste...krucnk

Me and Candee

Mark and cute

Leilani workin it with a bunch of guys

Kellen and Candee pimpin as alwasy

The Hottie Roommates

Erinne and Kacey

Jack and his big bro workin on gettin a nice little buzz goin

Hi Zuke

Zuke, Costa and Seth...random

Erinne and Big Jeff gettin all nice and close

Big Jeff and Candee mean muggin

Me and Erinne

Leilani and some random

Loren and Costa

John Carter workin on bringin a lil cutie home with him

Candee, Lauren, Emily and Nick

Jack, Leilani, Candee and Emily all tryin to look sober. Good thing none of them are driving home...are they?

No clue what Lauren is doin down there

Leilani and Emily lookin amazing as always

From the look on Lauren's face, i'm gonna go out on a limb and say ODB isn't doin so well...


Me enjoyin some good lovin from Susan

Me and Susan....grr

Some douche and ODB

Oh wait, my bad, that was Deutch and apologies...right

How cute...

Nick doin his best to convince Lauren not to move

Well well well, what do we have here...

Neither Brian or Amelia look like they have any clue that I just took this

Loren and Leilani

Emily and Scottie kickin it on the balcony

ODB, Emily and Scottie

Once again, the happy couple looking oh so happy to see me

Mikey standing behind his masterpiece...very impressive

Deutch, Emily and Lauren chillin by the bar

Deutch lookin for some food

Arta about to light his masterpiece of the night

Jack playin party poke......there's a first

Even Randi makes a cameo tonight

Deutch and Chris gettin ready to shotgun

He may have graduated but he can still hang with the best of them

Jack, Randi and Deutch, all looking exceptionally sober

Chris and Deutch shotgunnin

Me and Deutch...both totally sober, I swear

Deutch, Randi, me and Jack

And yet I end up going home alone...I give up

Arta passed out on Jack's couch