Party @ ODB's


That can't be comfortable

High Jack

Lisa and Kelly

Randi and Susan

Mega Susan and Mallory weekend

Me and Elmo

Brooke and Stanton

Group photo

Jack chillin at the light

Vroom Vroom

Elmo and ODB

What's that? The Patriots suck...ya, i know
Elmo double fistin w/ the red cups

Randi and Vicki

Me and Randi

Alysha looking not so sober

Elmo and Susan

Dont hide behind the cup

Me and Mallory

Austin and his g/f...i forgot her name, shit

Hi Susan

Apparently Mallory isn't as happy as everyone else to get a kiss from Susan

Elmo and Vicki

Ryan looking good and not so sober as always

Very attractive Ryan
Hi Sarah
Um, dont remember

What's Alysha doin w/ her other hand

Me and Alysha

Randoms at the party

Sydney and i forget the guys name

Kinky Shirvin, very kinky

Shirvin tellin the bull to just kiss it

I wish i knew what was so funny

Stanton has no idea what's goin on

random girls

Ryan and Nick makin a cameo at the party

Random party pic

Me and ODB after resolving our differences

Stanton looks like he might be holding ODB up

Vicki and Elmo

Jack pimpin it with the randoms

Who are these people?

Alysha and i wish i knew her name...shit

Susan and Lauren...old roomie reunion

Elmo and Susan

Look how happy she is to be in a picture w/ Shirvin

Jack and Elmo chillin outside

Austin and Jack

ODB tryin to piss of the balcony
Austin ramming ODB in the ass with his horns while ODB is STILL pissing
Either ODB has stage fright or he just broke the seal

Susan and Lauren showin me their tonsils

Alysha, Sarah and Syd

Ryan is so excited right now

Somehow i get the feeling that Susan doesn't want Ryan to lick her face

Alysha and Syd

Susan sittin on Jim's lap

ODB and Austin

ODB tellin Syd to get the fuck out after she spilled beer all over him

Stanton and Austin look on in amazement

Me and Austin

Moving the keg to a new apt.

That's right Alysha, you pull the keg

I love being 21 and able to pose for pics with TPD officers...especially ones who like the colts. GO HORSE!

Stanton, Elmo and Austin chillin on the couch

Some dude showin me the bullet holes in the wall @ UniHouse...u'd think that the management would have gotten those fixed

Rollin 3 deep in the back of the corolla

Conservative Susan!!!

Costa passed out on my floor

I think the royal flush shots did him in

Darius and Arta find it amuzing to fuck with me while im passed the fuck out