Party @ SteveO's New Crib


SteveO was drunk before i even got there

SteveO and Mikey goin at it

But it's all in good fun

SteveO after the brawl

Mikey after the brawl

Leilani, Chris and Mikey

SteveO tryin to pimp it

4 hotties on SteveO's bed

Lauren and Arianne rockin the sunglasses inside at 11pm

Emily and Arianne

Now if that isn't a Kodak moment, I dont know what it

Mikey and Courtney

The Hottie Roommates

Seth decides to make a cameo

I doubt SteveO even knows what is in his hand

Seth and Lauren having a chat

Laurena and Seth

Seth big pimpin with Arianne and Emily

Lauren has apparently been possessed for a moment

LaCoste Gator

Excellent form

Hi Arianne

Potter doin his dance

Randi and Sharon

Steve triped, fell, and landed on a chick

Chris and Jen

Seth and Michelle

Lauren tryin to hide behind her can

Seth, SteveO, Melissa and Marley

Seth and Randi

Lauren and #2

Me and #2

Lauren givin Seth some lovin

Laphroaig 15....Seth's favorite

#2 rackin the balls up...he must have forgotten he isn't a pledge anymore

Randi, Kruth and Melissa

Me and Candee chillin outside

Lauren, Potter and Leilani

Candee and Tom

Tom, Candee, and Chris

Candee tryin to lick Lauren's face

Leilani and Lauren...BFF

Randoms goin @ it on the floor

Kruth and Seth

Seth and his passport...the only form of ID he has left

Candee sneaks into the pic of Me and Randi

Randi and Melissa

Sharon and Potter

Chris and Jen

Marley and Nnala takin a nap on SteveO's bed

Me, Randi and Marley

Even the label tastes good

Seth's accomplishment for the night

Tom and Lauren showin' off Seth's work for the night

More random kids wresting

Some dude tryin not to act mad that his ass for the night passed out

The wrestlers finally finish and collapse together...and possibly end up spooning?

Me and Randi



No idea who these people are

Potter and Sharon

Candee and Dough

Mike, Candee and Dough

#2 face fucking SteveO with his middle finger....interesting

Melissa and Randi

Randi and Melissa

Kruth and Seth

Some kid passed out...pussy

Kruth gettin ready for his next shot

Me, Arta and Seth

Me, Arta, Jack and Seth

#2, Shirvin and Tim

Arta and Jack can't stop laughing

Laurena and Seth

#2 and Sharon

Arta obviously talkin about someone else

Me chillin w/ Candee

Leilani and Shirvin

Jack, Candee, and Tom who doesn't have his eyes open in a single picture

Jack's shirt

Arta being social outside

Arta and Leilani

Seth has no clue where he is

Seth has no idea what is goin on...even though he should

Jack, Tim, Lauren and Candee chillin outside

I only wish...

Shirvin and Jack

Me and Arta

Shirvin and Tim

I interrupted a serious talk between Candee and Lauren and thats the response i get

Good to see you too Arta

I hate you guys

Me and Jack

Arta borrows my camera and this is the picture he takes...

Candee doing his seductive pose

Seth and Tom chillin by the muzak

SteveO grubbin on some Chee-z-its

Arta about to stab Jack and SteveO with a carving fork

SteveO gettin his 2nd wind

Seth, Tom and SteveO

Words can't even begin to describe...

Jack lines up his shot

Lauren actin like she knows what she's doin

Lauren making a toast to Seth

Excellent form...

Candee chillin in SteveO's chair nursin his Heineken

Marley passed out on SteveO while he's mealin on some frozen gogurt

Seth looks like he got his 2nd wind

SteveO and Tom cuddling together.....with Marley

Arta and Seth

Another random passed out on the floor

John passed out on the floor

Kruth and Nnala

Me and Seth kickin it outside

Seth and Jack

Seth, Arta and Leilani

Lauren lookin not so sober

Another kid passed out??? Who the fuck are these pussies

Shirvin, Jack, Seth, SteveO and Tom

SteveO gettin some quality time w/ Lauren

Leilani and I outside smokin cancer sticks

SteveO finally passes out....with a smile on his face, wonder what he is dreamin aobut

Lauren's face proves a picture is worth 1,000 words

The happy couple doesn't look so happy to see me

Kruth chasin after Nnala

Me and Candee on the ride home to go pass the fuck out...what a night