Party @ Zuke and Andy's House

Finally a Party Without a Red Tag


Dust tornado on the way back from SD

Shervin had a few too many Long Islands

Shervin almost matches the color of my couch

Stanton using Shervin's head as a plate

Tom kickin it after a rough night @ O'Malley's

Oh ya, Genc looks sober enough to drive

Seth havin to lean against the fridge to stay standing

All of Stanton's laundry on Shervin

I dont think he liked that too much

Puke and Rally?

Apparently no rally for Shervin

Stanton and Princess Francis

Stanton doin da dip

AJ dunk as shit

Big Dick, Ryan and Danika


Candee big pimpin it w/ Mallory and Jonelle

Someone tryin to high-five Susan and she is havin none of that

Zuke passin out cups like a good host

ODB cheesin

Danika, Richard, ODB, Lauren, Andy and Arta the terrorist

Yes Shervin, I am taking a picture, very good

Imon has no idea where he is

Me, Lauren and Lucas

Arta is mesmorized


Arta tryin to hear what Jonelle's tits are saying to him

Richard sneakin in the pic

Susan and Mallory

AJ's drunk damage

Andy and Francis

Elmo is done

Cute necklace Greg

Andy workin on a 3some

Everyone back chillin @ my apt

Arta, Danika and Seath Corner

Imon is trippin balls

Arta and Danika

Mallory showin how wide she can open her mouth

How cute, both on their phones

Randoms from Boston U. on SB in to be them

Me and Mallory


Me and Nick

Mersh Moneymaker

BU chick enjoyin MY fuckin Bacardi

Marco makin a cameo

Arta and Danika takin shots

Arta got in the way i think

Nick, Mandy and Marco

How cute...

Jonelle and Arta

Mallory and Arta

Arta and Danika

Hirsh and Imon doin what they do best

Arta tryin to get Shervin to do the move

I'm gonna guess Mallory took this

Jonelle is way too happy to see Stanton

Jonelle and Stanton

Random shot

Jonelle riding my giant Budweiser bottle

Jonelle and Marco

Mersh chillin on the balcony

Royal Flush shots for sure

Imon blends in with the carpet....i'll let you figure the joke out on your own

Jonelle collapsed on my floor

Oh, hi guys, I didn't interrupt anything did I?

Mersh all fucked up

You tell him Shervin

Imon in Wonderland