April Fool's Day at Pussycat Lounge

Another night, another bottle


Hello Tyson

Blow it UP!

Jase, Beefcake, Josh and Mike

Jason and Mike

Shredded and Carly

Carly's titties...not bad

Me and Tyler

Nancy and Jayme texting each other on the couch...sooo cool

Nancy and Jayme

Tyler and Mike

Beefcake and Jason

Carly, Jayme and Nancy

Carly and Shredded...sweet shirt fag

Jayme and Nancy

What the fuck was in Mike's drink

Big Dick, Josh, Mike and Tyler

Me and Carly

Don't have fun or anything

Jayme's face says it all

Open wide girl!

Jen, the best cocktail chick ever


Ryan bustin out Blue Steel

Darrel can't even look anymore

I'm sorry sir, your card has been denied...awesome Richard, awesome

Josh, Jayme and Tyler

Mike and his new lady friend

Alcohol is a hell of a drug

Jase, Paul, Me and Tyler...guess who didn't pay for these

Beefcake and Big Dick

Mike can't believe it

Josh is thinking the same thing we all were...the next morning, oops



Get her Tyler...everyone else has


Tyler looks like a little kid on christmas and he just got what he wanted

Playboy model my fuckin ass

Weird, another crazy bitch loves Mike

Wow Paul

No clue

Tyler's arm

Richard has apparently lost all motor skills and the ability to keep from looking retarded

Miss Gross and her brother, poor guy

Jen and Big Dick

Amina tryin to drink everything all better

What the fuck is Mike doin

Jason kickin it on the couch

My favorite!

What the fuck was I thinking


Haha, Mike's tits are almost bigger than hers

Lookin HOT! Dick....wow, that was bad

Paul and Tyler

Jason doesn't want to let for of the bottle

Dick, Paul and Tyler

Jase, Big Dick and Paul

Makin a GIANT Jager bomb

Holy Shit!!! It's Molly and she's single!

No clue who this is

No comment

Me and Jen

Tyler trying to make it look like he is thinkin about somethin

Me and Ryan Cabrera...eat your heart out Alysha

Paul fuckin wasted at the pizza place