Drunk as Hell @ Q and Baz's

It was all good till we passed the blunt

Holiday and Q

Snail, Wood and Q

Me surpassing Woody after being down 7

Heather and Woody

LaBatts on top of the pin ball machine...no clue

Q playin a little pin ball

Woody admits he is a big pussy

Ro and Wood

Tolbs and Quigs

The Baby Blue sweatshirt... you are the gayest man alive

What up Tolbs

Quigs just chillin with a cold one

Chug Heather, Chug


Pierce and Tolbs

Me and Rach...grr grr

Rach and Liz

Rach, Me and Liz exteme closeup

Heather, Holiday and Q

I think Tolbs is cheatin

Beav and Q

Q and Ro

Fuck you too Holiday

Ro showin his cards

Ro tryin to learn how to play

Q lookin for something

Wood T-Rexin it

Q checkin out his hip that he fucked up

Beav drinkin it up

Tolbs and Quigs

Almost done

This is the point I should have stopped...but noooo

Beav, Q, and the evil blunt

Drink up Tolbs

Quigs doin the same thing as the last 3 pics


Chug Ro

Q, Tolbs, and Ro

My drunk ass

Tolbs and Q playin pool

Q looks irate about somethin

Quigs waitin for his turn

Tolbs analyzes his options

Q and Tolbs

Wonder what's goin on in Baz's room

Random pool shot

Beav still nursin the same beer

Ro didn't like his shot

Tolbs prepars for his next shot

Tolbs takin his shot

Wow, that's all I can say

Q is pissed

Ro linin up the shot

Easy Ro, try and keep the balls on the table

Ro lines up his next shot

Ro somehow ends up on the floor

Ro and Q goin at it

Ro and Q kiss and make up

Tolbs callin his shot

Q jumps into bed w/ Holiday's naked ass

Ro watchin the action

Ro lines the shot up

God damn it's cold

Q with the Bleezy

Ro takes his turn

Q and Ro tryin to do somethin

Ro inside beef cakin it

Definately dont remember this picture at all

Q and Ro inside

Ro mealin on somethin

Me after I hit the bleezy...mixing is a bad idea

Ro thinks it's funny..well fuck you Ro

Q thinks it's hilarious, well fuck you Q

Then then two jokesters steal my camera....bastards, leavin me in the cold without a coat or shoes