Kofi's B'day Party @ Will's

Drink it Up

Q drinkin beer out of the Campbell's soup mug...mm mm good

Snail and Kofi takin a shot of SoCo

Kofi chuggin the Soco

Lange and Kofi takin another b'day shot


Baz and Ro

Dan, Q and Capt

Q takin a piss on the deck

Frosty smokin a cigarette

Frosty hittin a bowl

Carter pissing on Frosty while Capt hits the bowl

Tone and Baz chillin on the swing

The snowball fight begins

Runnin past the garage to the front

Q grabbin some snow

Can't even see who the 2 people are

Q tryin to not get hit

Shit.....Baz stepped in shit

Jase, Capt, and Tone

Tone and Ro

Ro holding up the fingers he got full of shit

Q, Kofi, Snail, Baz and Capt

Q, Baz, and Snail

As usual, Kofi thinks somethin is funny

Kofi and Tony are fucked up

Dan, Q, Kofi, Ro, Capt, Baz, Snail and Tony chillin outside

Me and Baz

Starling and Tony

Kofi chillin in the chair with his SoCo

Will on the karoke machine

Ahoy Capt

Q freestylin'

What the fuck is Kofi's show doing in the box?

Look! It's Tony Pearson

I forget why this was funny...shit

Tony tryin to cook

Greets cookin up some Mac and Cheese

Will cleaning up after cooking

Tony is wasted

Happy birthday Kofi!!!