Last Night Out in Naptown @ Q and Baz's

...And what a night it was

Snail sportin the turtle neck sweater and T-Rexin it, Hollywood would be proud

Pyramid all ready to go...GRRR

Trish and Baz


Clare and Amy

Ro got called out

Mr. Happy

Trish and Baz

Me and Amy

Anne and Kofi

Amy, Baz and Clare

Amy and Clare

Me and Amy

God damn finger

The youngin's on the couch

Katelyn chuggin

Q and Snail

Kofi and Anne

Hanley and Katelyn

Kofi and Anne....again

Hanley and Katelyn

Go Hanley go

Hanley, Katelyn, Q and Snail

Smile Trish

Trish and Baz...ohhh, how cute

Ro, Baz and Trish

Ro lookin around to make sure no one sees him tryin to grab an O'Doul's