Random Nights in the Beginning of October

Trident, Dirtbags, Cactus Moon and My Crib


Cute shirt little guy

Chip and Kyle are fuckin wasted

Kyle tryin to grab DRock's titties

Me and Jamie

That's a hot shirt

I forget who took this picture but they suck at it

Thats better...Me and Melissa @ her 21st b'day party

You had to be there

Chelsea lookin fine as always

Holy shit, it's Ron Jeremy

Shredded showin off how jacked he is to Beefcake

Anyone else think that this is the funniest picture of someone running ever?

Beefcake picked Lucas up and dropped him on a bench...awesome

Pimp Tight workin it on the couch @ my place late night

DRock passed out on his own couch in his living room..apparently the last 20 feet to the bed was just too far

Pat rockin such a cute purse...fucking homo

Garret's gay ass rockin it with his shirt unbuttoned all the way @ Dirtbags

The reminants of shamming Mallory was given after passing out on a couch as 12am

Danielle on her 21st b'day

SteveO and Tom partyin @ Trident for Danielle's b'day

Heather, Topher, Danielle, Tom and Kroopf all enjoyin Danielle's drunk ass

Jen and Mandy

Will and Josh chillin at a booth

Darrel tossin Dr. Carter around like it aint no thang

How packed my car was on the way to Dirtbags

Zuke just chillin cause he's sober

Sooo many people, so illegal


Thank god, we finally made it

Thanks for the ride buddy...now go pass out, crackhead

Laura and Jered at Dirtbags, what a kodak moment

Yay, Car Bomb time with Sener

Chug it!

Darrel chillin w/ Jake @ Dirtbags

Hi Morgan, nice to see you too

Apparently she's happy to see Darrel too

Damn, looks like someone is even happier to see Morgan...wow

Big Dick walkin on top of the mound of sod about to be laid

Me ridin down the banister of the main library @ 2:20am...awesome

Big Dick takin a shit the fence where the stupid fuckin crazy dog lives

Darrel can't even believe Big Dick just took a shit

Big Dick...what are you doing to ChiTown's car?

Our 2nd new beer pong table....almost done

Darrel passed out...in my bed, ass

Drinking games with the froshies @ my crib

Kate givin some lovin to puss in boots

Melanie chillin waitin for her turn

Fuck the dealer...always a classic

Drink up Kate

Zuke and princess Leah chillin outside...wonder what they just did?

Midnight Madness

Darrel and Dodds chillin at McKale waitin for midnight madness to start

Mallory and Dodds

Dave, ODB, Jonelle and Mallory

Random pic by Zuke

Another random from Zuke

Another courtesy of Zuke

Ok Zuke, enough...

Apparently not enough yet

Zuke and the Eegee's guy...awesome

Mallory and Dodds drinkin @ my place

Me and Dodds...she's so small

Drink up girls

That's it...keep drinking

Mallory all but passed the fuck out on my floor

Zuke chuggin half a fifth of Jager...way to go bud

Quit bitchin, just take the shot

I don't think I have ever looked quite so gay in my entire life...dammit

Drink up Dodds

Ya, I was definitely hammered

ODB found a comfy seat on Kelly

Mallory is alive

Me about to fall over in my chair

Would be a great picture, except for Zuke fucking finger...fucker

Kelly, Mallory, Syd, ODB, and Dodds, and apparently some Mardi Gras beads... interesting

If I didn't know better, I'd say ODB just threw Mallory down the stairs and is just going to walk off

Me, Melanie and Kate

I swear it was only one time...

Me and Bigger Mike at Trident...Whatau bitches!

Angry Greg after Mike sprayed stripper perfume all over him...awesome

Mike outside Trident on his bike after he stalled out...haha

Oh Snap! Burman is back in town, booyakasha!

Zuke is finally looking at the camera but I'm going to guess he is just so wasted that he actually thinks he is looking away

Shredded makes a cameo @ Dirtbags

Shredded and Randi...how cute

Apparently the trash cans at Dirtbags were full...lazy bouncers

Zuke and Birdman back at our place

Me and Birdman...honestly Zuke, could you have been standing just a little bit farther away?

Melanie ate shit somewhere...ow

Some dude from Oregon passed out, standing up on my balcony after puking all over...fucker

Now the light weight is passed out on the floor

My ass you're ok...get off my floor

Leslie stops by late night

Looks like Shredded has a positive outlook for later

Haha, Leslie may be reconsidering...

Yeaaaaa right...get her Shredded

Zuke is so fucked up he can't even hold his head up and Leah doesn't look too far behind