Random Night @ PCL

Nice little Saturday...Sand Bar for the games then PCL for the night


Kayla and Courtney...hot

Francesca, my favorite cocktail chick with my favorite shots

Me and Francesca

Kissy face...gay

Kelly and Cynthia

Charmaine, Dick and Zuke

Come on Beefcake, don't go Chinese on me yet

Beefcake and Jason

Me and Cynthia =)

Kelly tryin to figure out what she wants to drink

Me and Jason


More boobs...I don't know who took these but good job

Cynthia lookin hot as always

Francesca even brought me my beers in a bucket of ice...she's the best

Beefcake and Kell bell


This should be interesting...

Those are new...

Brand new!

Cynthia's ass...nice

Hi Jase

Raphel makin a cameo

Cynthia rockin out on the couch by herself

Ok, time to get down before you fall...even though she fell out of a chair later anyway

Cynthia, Zuke, Kelly, Jason and Beefcake

Me and Cynthia

Francesca and Beefcake doin the kissy face...haha, she made him do it too


Kelly and Jason...how cute

Jason tryin to get up and ignore the fact his foot is broken....

Cynthia and Kelly put a stop to that real quick with a nice little wave of the finger

And this is when the people next to us got crazy

That's a titty

Poor girl on the bottom is trashed

Haha, always good when you pass out at the bar on a girl...chicks dig it

Apparently clothing was optional on Saturday in our section

The second time that night that Francesca made that look followed by the comment, 'Mike, are you serious?' Although the first time I deserved it

Beefcake and Francesca

Random dude commin over to lend a helping hand, or join in the action, not sure which

Apparently her clothes just won't tear off

Zuke and Cynthia

Random wedding party @ PCL


Cynthia tryin to hold the poor girl up...cause that is a good idea


Cynthia joining in on the fun and waivin her ass around in the air...awesome

I think there was a bit of miscommunication on what kind of face they were supposed to make...oh wait, nevermind, it's perfect...just think about it, priceless

Cynthia signing my tab cause apparently my math skills aren't the best at closing time...weird