Random Pics

Random Parties from Fall '03

The Fab Four...grr grr

Me and Leilani

Hottie roommates

Arta and Leilani


Beginning of another 36 hour nap

No comment

Arta's shirt looks sooo tight

Hi Deutch

Blunt time

Hit it Jack

And what is that Deutch

Me doin homework while everyone else gets drunk

Jonelle rockin the 80's gear from no reason


Haha, that was funny

Sweet fuckin watch Andy






SteveO's birthday

Mikey tryin to give SteveO a hug

Ohhhh, how cute

SteveO pissin off the balcony @ Nopo

Lauren, Emily and Arianne

SteveO mealin on the frozen Gogurt

Arta rockin not one, but yes 2 blunts

Randoms runnin around lookin like Britney Spears

SteveO, Hdiddy, Leilani and Brenner

Me and Leilani

Hirsh needs his Nicotine

Brenner loves to chug milk

Baby Hughey

Susan tryin to help Jonelle up off the ground

Hirsh and Lauren

Evan was done before he started drinking