Random Party Pics from the House

...With a few special guest appearances


That doesn't look like a cigar?

Sigma Alpha Mu spelled in rocks on the beer pong table

Zuke contemplates...

Zuke and the Rhino

Jack and Deutch chillin at Belushi's

Zuke and Carter are startin to feel the Tequila Sunrises

Deutch gives a nice little two fisted salute

Viagra shots for everyone, cause Deutch loves us, and alcohol

Jack, Zuke, Carter and Deutch

Who the fuck is that guy in the picture?

Jack and Zuke

Zuke, the random, and a Rhino...sounds like a porno

Grant and Number 2 just finished a food fight

Me with Number 2 after the throwing of the food finally stopped

Josh decides to make his cameo

Me and Josh

Josh stealin the UofA golf cart

Me, Shapiro and Stanton

Deutch and Stanton

Stanton appears to be breathing through some sort of gas mask

Goodnight Stanton

Asa mealin on some cheetos

Number 2 finally looks so fresh and so clean

Stanton is so good he can play with his eyes closed and win.

Grant may as well be dead to the world, that look of intensity is unmatched!

Deutch and Leilani paparazzi

Deutch and Leilani...how cute

Sammy spelled out in rocks with Number 2 and Grant's signature at the bottom

Looks like someone hit Team Ramrod's king cup

Get ready, 1...2.....3....


Zuke's makin sure the balls are clean

Deutch decides to try his hand at Saki Bombing


Team RAMROD!!!!

Andy fuckin w/ Jack again

XXX, Deutch, ODB, Zuke, Jack, and Andy

Team Ramrod is startin to lose it

That's right, I did make it and you do have to drink...NOW DO IT

It doesn't really look like Zuke is helping the situation much

Deutch and Andy obviously thought something was hilarious

Deutch just passed out on top of Andy...interesting

Beer pong table with the rock still on there, for the most part